At last the item that you have been waiting for!

A Stone of Language

Stone of Language – The stone that’s able to cut off earthly things. The one who owns this stone can go to Dragon City North Ghost Guzi to use the Change Name Service.

A Ghost Guzi


1. Talk to Ghost Guzi in Dragon City North (571, 686) and choose Change Name Service. Make sure that you have the the Stone of Language in your inventory.

A 1

2. Type your desired new name and click Confirm.

A 2


3. A confirmation message will appear. If you’re sure with the name that you choose, click Yes.

A 3


4. A prompt message will appear that you got disconnected.

A 4


5. When you login again, you can see in the Character Selection that your name has been already changed.

A 5


6. Congratulations! You now have a new name.

A 6