Ultimate Power Unleashed: Perfect World 2.0 Transcendence!

May 20, 2016 | Events, News, Notice, Promos


A new era begins this June 20, 2016 as we enter the age of Perfect World 2.0. This 2016, the game we’ve all known and loved is going bigger than ever before with the unveiling of its largest patch to date – Transcendence.

Since its launch way back 2007, PWPH has been in the hearts and PCs of gamers all-around. PWPH boasts a vast and rich history nearing its 9th year in the market. Who could forget singer Toni Gonzaga’s rendition of the chart-topper “Perfect World” which became the Pinoy gamer’s anthem. As one of the pioneering games of Level Up! Games, it has stayed strong throughout the years. With Transcendence, Perfect World Philippines will level up your gaming experience.


Check out what’s in store:

• New Race
• New Class
• New Starting Zone
• New World, New Dungeon
• Interface Optimizations
• Quest Optimizations


New Race: Moonshade

Created by the son of Pan Gu, the Reapers once guarded the Celestial Vale. Bound to the life of the Divine Child, they defended him until he was mortally wounded in battle. With the last of his strength, the Divine Child freed the Reapers from his service and sent them to Perfect World.

Noble guardians of the past, these warriors have made themselves known as the Moonshade race. Drawing power from the moon, they will battle evil in all its forms and surely come out victorious.


New Class: Ye Ying and Yu Xia

The balance of power in Pan Gu will be rocked by the addition of two new classes. From the Moonshade race, meet the Ye Ying class and the Yu Xia class. Cold as they are deadly, they will challenge the skills of all they come across.

Ye Ying: Swift and Dangerous combatants, they turn melee combat into a deadly dance with their Sabers. Ye Yings are different from other class as they combine both physical and magical damage type in one.

Yu Xia: Wielders of ice and thunder magic, they use their scythes to channel raging storms against their foes. Yu Xia is the only class that can move while casting skills. With a vast variety of skills, they use their arsenal of water skills especially to slow their targets, and metal skills to inflict direct damage and DoT.

Ye Ying


Yu Xia


Reaper Form – Moonshade class has one distinct skill and it’s called Reaper Form. Reaper Form increases speed and physical defense of Moonshade class. Also enhances certain skills.


New Starter Zone: Celestial Vale

New to Perfect World or you simply want to start fresh? In PWPH 2.0, your journey will begin in a wide landscape of Celestial Vale. The adventure awaits in the Unseen Crown Altar, surprises hide in the lush Jadespring Forest, discover mysteries in the Holy Temple of Ruins and so much more can be seen in the Celestial Vale. This time, all new players – no matter the class chosen – will be in the same starting map. Everything has been optimized to make leveling much more satisfying than ever before!


New World, New Dungeons

Perfect World 2.0 new patch, Transcendence, a brand new world map will be revealed – Primal World. After heroes reawaken into the world again, they will begin a new journey into the Primal World. Only reawaken class can enter in Primal World and defeat the stronger monsters. Also introducing the new dungeon: The Silver Stream Palace. Each room has unique environment setup separating four major bosses.

Interface Optimization

Perfect World 2.0 comes with a wide variety of optimizations, including the interface! Look at all the upgrades in the beginner guide, the inventory interface, and UI elements. Majority of the NPC has been changed and more lively than ever. BANKER IS NOW BIGGER!



Quest Optimizations

PWPH 2.0 is a fresh start for all. Transcendence patch brings loads of improvements to your gaming experience. This means quest optimization. Gone are the days of tough low level quests. In PWPH 2.0, your quests, even main city quests of each race, will be balance for the ultimate gaming pleasure. To top it all off, new daily quests have been added! This is one patch you just can’t miss.

There’s so much to look forward in Perfect World 2.0. Make sure to stay tuned for our updates by following our Facebook page, joining the Community group and visiting the official website.

Ultimate power will be unleashed this June 20. Perfect World 2.0 is coming. Don’t you dare miss it! Register now!

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