Red Night Party – Thank you Heroes!

Jun 14, 2022 | Events, Notice

Perfect World Colors Makati in Red!

The PlayPark Perfect World team would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all of the heroes that attended the latest Red Night Party held in Jose Cuervo Tequileria in Makati back in June 11th. You made our night worthwhile with your presence as we discussed the latest updates coming soon to Perfect World Philippines!

Among the topics discussed are the new community management team coming in for the game. The reins of Perfect World will be handed over to GM Ghost and CM Shai.

Discussions also touched on the upcoming update to the Perfect World – the Monkey King patch! GM Jojo and the rest of the team discussed what players can expect once the content drops on June 22.

Aside from the free foods and drinks on offer, the PW team also had a lot of fun alongside the attendees with the parlor games for everyone! To make the night even better, in-game items and gaming hardware were also given away to lucky attendees at the event.

Again, thank you to all the attendees and we look forward to seeing everyone in the next legs of the Red Night Party this year!