Attention Heroes!

A rare chance has come upon the Heroes of Pan Gu. On May 23 and May 24 for a limited time only, Heroes can take look at their characters in a test merged server. The test will only be applicable from 1PM until 10PM on the said dates. To join this test, just head to the ‘Event’ server of Perfect World PH on the mentioned schedule.

Be warned that this test will reflect your character’s status last May 11, 2015. Any progress you received after May 11th will not be shown in the test merged server. This includes character status, inventory,auction, consignments and gold. For example, you character turned level 100 on May 12; you will see a level 99 character in the test merged server.

Get to see what it’s like once our servers have been successfully merged. Tell us what you think and most especially if you encounter any difficulty – whether it’s technical or not. We’d love to hear from you.

Send us your feedback by clicking HERE !