Heroes, prepare for the greatest battle across the servers as Perfect World: Bloodbath is coming.
As the month of October is ending, it will be raining War Avatar Essence and Nebula Dust Orbs.

Get FREE items when you purchase in Item Mall.

For every 100 Gold worth of purchase in the Item Mall, GET 5 pcs War Avatar Essence.
But wait there’s more! Because GM Jo-jo is generous enough, he will be giving 15 pcs Nebula Dust Orb for every 500 Gold worth of purchase in the Item Mall as a BONUS REWARD!

Promo Period:
Start Date: October 29, 2019 (12:00 AM)
End Date: October 30, 2019 (11:59PM)

Also, enjoy Perfect World’s Halloween Spooktober specials and 2X mods until November 4.


In-game prizes will be given within 10 days of the event completion via Mail Box.

Disclaimer: PlayPark reserves the right to change, amend, modify, suspend, continue, or terminate said mechanics at any given time deemed appropriate.