Spring Festival 2022

Feb 9, 2022 | Events, News, Notice


Activity 1: Spring Festival Reunion Dinner

Event Period: 2/9/2022  to 3/10/2022

Conditions for participating in the activity: level≥80 and the level of Esteem reaches Mahayana

“Eating” is the main activity of people during the festival. A family sitting around the steaming dinner table is full of joy and excitement. This can be regarded as one of the biggest characteristics of Chinese folk New Year. During the event, the Heroes can go to the Magic Kingdom·Dragon City Square to find the “Chef Narin” to receive the task, and then complete the preparation of a reunion meal dish according to the instructions of Chef Nian Nian. After completing the task, you can not only get a lot of experience and soul, but also get the Year of the Mouse Stamp, Homestead Graph Spring Pack, and taste the dishes you made yourself (Dark Empress Kinilaw, Frost Emperor’s Menudo, Flame Empress’s Nilagang Liempo).  These delicious dishes will have unusual buffs, which can temporarily increase the character’s attack, defense, or blood limit.

Activity 2: Havoc in the Magic Kingdom

Event Period: 2/9/2022 to 3/10/2022

During the event, “Rattata” will appear in Magic Kingdom at 20:00, 21:00, and 22:00 every day. When it is beaten to half blood by warriors, Rattata will escape to other locations in the Magic Kingdom, waiting for the warriors to re-kill. Players can hunt “Rattata” five times a day. Every time you participate, you can get 3 “Year of the Mouse Stamp” as a reward.

3/10/22 UPDATE – For all those days that the boss did not show up, all players will get 15 pcs Year of the Mouse Stamp per day as long as they did the Dinner Quest within those days that Rattata is missing.

Activity 3: The Gods Arrival

Event Period: 2/9/2022 to 2/17/2022

Conditions for participating in the activity: level ≥80 and the level of Esteem reaches Mahayana

The fragrant reunion dinner also attracted the Gods from all walks of life. They descended to the perfect world one after another to taste the delicacies of the world. Of course, they will also send New Year blessing packages to the Heroes who are preparing for the reunion dinner as a thank you. During the event, the three Gods will decide the time to descend according to the number of players participating in completing the [Spring Festival Reunion Dinner]. When the players have completed the [Spring Festival Reunion Dinner] less frequently, the “Summer Lord of Fortune” will go to the place to visit the New Year first, and then according to the increase in the cumulative number of players completing the “Reunion Dinner”, the “Summer Lord of Wealth” and “Summer Lord of Longevity” will also appear.

The Gods who go down to pay New Year’s greetings will give out rewards to everyone between 17:00 and 24:00 every day!

Note: Please disregard the “Event Gold Pack”, Event Mall is currently not working in our version.

Activity 4: Lantern Festival

Event Period: 2/11/2022 to 2/14/2022

During the event, take the task “Lantern Festival” at [Lantern Fest Event Agent Tang yuan] every day to participate in the event, answer the theme lantern riddles correctly, and get “Year of the Mouse Stamps” after compiling the Lantern Festival lanterns.

2/14/22 UPDATE:  All players that will get “Riddle Token” within the duration will receive 80 pcs Year of the Mouse Stamps (prizes will be awarded manually).

Feb 11 – Get 1 Riddle Token = 80 pcs Year of the Mouse Stamps
Feb 12 – Get 1 Riddle Token = 80 pcs Year of the Mouse Stamps
Feb 13 – Get 1 Riddle Token = 80 pcs Year of the Mouse Stamps

Within the event, players will receive a “Sprig Gift”, right-click this item to spend all your Year of the Mouse Stamps.
This will be awarded manually once a week. A character will only get one.


Sprig Gift will expire on March 29, 2022 (11:59 PM)



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