Player of the week 3

Player Name: Jan Michael
Character Name: sQuIdWaRd
Server: From Dragon to Phoenix
Class: Yu Mang
Clan: Amicorum
Month/ Year Started Playing: April 2007

*When did you start playing Perfect World?  Since 2007 when the game was newly released and everyone was hooked up to it. It was insane! The game is massive!

*Why do you love Perfect World? – It’s not the average game everyone used to play. The graphics offers a whole new level of game play for players like me. It Offers territorial war that none of most games have where a jam pack of never ending battle royal between who’s Guild is better than the other of 80 vs 80 characters all at the same time. It’s the type of game that I can’t grow bore with.

*Where do you usually hang out-inworld? – Universal City most of the time if not I must be enjoying hunting down the bosses of Dusk Palace alone.

*What are the features that you like best in the game? – Fashion, Wings and that notion of leveling up along with the gears you don on to keep up with the players who strive hard to get to the top ranks, I mean who wouldn’t?

*Your favorite location in the Map or Favorite Monster? – Definitely Primal World, it simply is amazing how this little map offers so much towards the heroes in-game, from different daily quests earning Primal Bloods and stuff to events like Drake hunting which probably is the best monster for me cause it helped me a lot when this version was newly released collecting Bloods and Vitaes inside its tiny four cornered room  and SSP, it’s a new world and a small one but it seems we haven’t reached its corners yet.

*Your Dream achievement? – To have another set of Rank 9 to support me all throughout and will have a 4-man team party of undefeated Classes.

*Your accomplishments? – Being the first ever to recast my Rank 9 Gears completely twice amongst my type of Class and built up my own character the way I dreamt it to be. It was overwhelming at the same time satisfying that the ultimate goal I used to dream is finally  incorporated towards this achievement and what I have worked for is all worth it.

*Who are the players or characters that you idolize in-world in your server? –  Shout out to all Bacolod Players who are part of Amicorum Clan, you guys are the best most especially to my pilots who never fail to sieze the day when I’m not around –  EmJeYD and Lostvayne.

*What is your most memorable in-world moment? – Apart from Territorial War which most games doesn’t have, I enjoyed Player Kill aka PK. My counterpart at any aspects bashed me over night cause I left my avatar hanging out unattended in game stating that I was weak despite the gears I wear and that I was a rubbish for the likes of my ranks, the following night he tried to get me involved in a 1vs1 PK and I won up against him via 5 – 0 score. – back at ya!

*Most embarrassing in-world moment? When I was too confident that I can deal with the 3rd boss in SSP and in an instant I found myself back in the dungeon entrance, there goes the 1 Hitter Boss baby.

*What made you choose your class? Yu Mang by far has the most versatile skills I can ever think of in game, the varieties of attacks can pierce through whatever class it’s up against. Mainly Yu Mang’s skills deals physical damage but that doesn’t end there, it has magic damage too so killing physical defense type is not a big problem. Killing a good equipped Yu Mang might be impossible as it is basically a mid to  ranged type, slick and swift movement are its Aces,  you might already be down on your knees chasing after it before you even know.

*Who’s your Perfect World crush? –  Mj Saldua aka EmJeYD in game

*Any message to the Heroes of the Perfect World? – If you think that you’re already on top, don’t stop, cause that’s the time when someone can beat you not by power but by talent. I never once had any idea that I could reach where I am right now but I strived hard for it and setting a goal is a step closer towards that dream, just never give up on something you want. One mistake doesn’t make you less of a person, so just get up on your knees, learn from it and continue to move forward, kapit lang mga bes, mag Amulet ka lang at Forti Pills, kaya natin yan.

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