SurePrize: Halloween Platinum Pack

Nov 9, 2023 | News, Notice

Test your luck with the Halloween Platinum Pack, If Lady Luck is not on your side, go get a SurePrize.

November 10-12, ONLY

Inkflame Warhorse Egg

Star Arrow Pack

Mecha Siren Pack

  1. Buy the Halloween Platinum Pack from the Item Mall within the event duration
  2. Reach a specific quantity of Bought lottery boxes to get extra rewards.
  3. Open for all servers ( Sun, New Moon, and Phoenix )

16 Halloween Platinum Pack = 5 Astrobana Pearl Ultimate (Bounded)

40 Halloween Platinum Pack= 10 Glyph Color Stone

150 Halloween Platinum Pack= 1 Sacred Celestial Infant Extract

260 Halloween Platinum Pack= Slumbering Sacred Spirit Box

450 Halloween Platinum Pack= 2 Moonlight Crystal Pack

1000 Halloween Platinum Pack = Snow Plum Sacred Casket & Blazing Flame Legend Casket

Important Notice:
❗The final count will be based on how many Lottery you bought from the Item Mall within the event duration.
❗The rewards will be sent to the character who purchased the Lottery box.


❗Awarding of items will be done within 7 – 14 days after the event duration or sooner.
❗Avoid renaming your characters before awarding is done to avoid delay
❗ Items will be awarded to the account that made the Item Mall purchase.
❗Kindly ensure that mailboxes have the necessary space to receive the prizes that will be mailed to you.
❗Follow-up on prizes that were not submitted after 30 days of awarding will not be entertained.
❗Item rewards are receivable once per Account only.
❗The PW Team will NOT entertain any transfer requests.

Disclaimer: PlayPark reserves the right to change, amend, modify, suspend, continue, or terminate said mechanics at any given time deemed appropriate.

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