• Collect Dyes. Fashion Dye Pack is available in the Item Mall for 8 Gold.
  • GMs will appear in-game at Feather City(328,429) at exactly 6 pm on October 25 and October 28.
  • Fall in line in front of Feather City Elder. We will not honor lines made anywhere else around the starting point.
  • Those who will join should be ready with their dyes in their inventory.
  • The prize will be awarded to the player who trades with the GM so make sure you don’t use dummy characters.
  • The player can trade items based on the Exchange rate table below.
  • You can trade all items at once to make trading faster.
  • Don’t forget to get screenshots of your trades with the GM.


  • Items traded will not be returned.
  • There is no maximum number of participants.
  • Nuisance players who will disrupt the event will be sanctioned accordingly.
  • Only the Black, Red and White dyes will be based on the color name.


October 25 and October 28.

  • Sun: 6-7 pm
  • New Moon: 6-7 pm


But wait there’s more! If you get the newest Dye in the line, you will get an awesome bonus!

Note: You need to provide a minimum of 5 pcs Coral Red or 5 pcs Crystal Blue to get the rewards.

Did you know that when you open the Fashion Dye Pack, you can acquire each color equally including White, Black and Red Dyes?

New Dye Color Sample:

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