Untamed Saga – Beastkin 1v1 Tournament

May 2, 2023 | Events, News, Notice

Beastkin 1v1 Tournament

For Honor, Glory, and Ultimate Prize!


The time has come!

Show off your Mastery and fight the best players during the ultimate PvP battle! Fight for honor, glory, and the ultimate prize!



Players/ Characters will register in-game ( via mail – 1st come 1st serve basis 8 players only)

Spam mail during registration will be ‘’ Banned’’ (Players who will spam the GM’s mailbox will be banned for event disruption)

GM will announce if the registration is OPEN 


SUN Server

Registration time: 5:30 PM to 6:00 PM

Tournament Proper: 6:00 PM Onwards


New Moon  Server

Registration time: 7:00 PM to 7:30 PM

Tournament Proper: 7:30 PM Onwards



May 5 – Yao Hou Class

May 6 – Yao Jing Class

May 7 – Yao Shou Class


May 12 – Yao Hou Class

May 13 – Yao Jing Class

May 14 – Yao Shou Class


May 19 – Yao Hou Class

May 20 – Yao Jing Class

May 21 – Yao Shou Class


May 26 – Yao Hou Class

May 27 – Yao Jing Class

May 28 – Yao Shou Class



  1. Characters must be RB2, level 105, and 5th fairy.
  2. Participants must use the required class for the tournament day.
  3. Participants must have access to a stable internet connection and a reliable PC/laptop.



  1. Participants will be using their own items/equipment.
  2. Participants can only use their own buff. The use of Celestial Infant, Spirit of Defense/Spirit of Attack, and other buff pills is strictly prohibited.

(Appetizing Kinilaw, Appetizing Menudo, Appetizing Nilagang Liempo, etc.)

  1. Characters can use Copper Paperweight (NW buff), Inkdragon’s Blood, Wishful Incense Stick, and Relics. Immune pills is allowed.


Set up:

Players will be given allotted time to register. The first 8 players to register (per server) will proceed with the tournament. The match will be single elimination and the participants will be placed randomly in the bracket. https://challonge.com/



The tournament will be hosted on the New Moon and Sun server. (Provide time for Sun server) (Provide time for New Moon server)


All matches will be 1v1 single elimination.


Players will have 2-minute preparation before the match starts.


Match time limit 8 Mins ( Arena default time )


Match-ups will be determined on the spot and will be shuffled through https://www.challonge.com


Point System:


The winner of the match will automatically proceed to the next round.


Additional Rules:


  • If issues arise that are not covered by the existing rules, the Tournament Judge or PW GM Team will decide on that matter. GMs decision is always final.
  • Participants will automatically lose if he/she gets disconnected during the match.


Rewards: (All rewards are non-tradable)


Overall Champion:

1 Royal Glow Fan

1 Dragon Tamer Lasso

300pcs soul split panacea

300pcs nebula dust orb

10pcs invitational scroll


Participation Reward:

15pcs Ticket of Magnificence 



Wolf Cub Arena

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