War Supply: Gold Amulet

Mar 29, 2021 | Events, News

The war rages on at Primal World, we need more Supplies!
Deliver war supplies via War o Mine Quest.

Duration: March 30-31, 2021


Complete the chain quest “This war o Mine” for 2 Days to get your reward.
(Item will be manually mailed within 7-14 days).

  1. Go to Primal World Story mode via Chaseraid Camp Leader NPC (404,585)
  2. Get the “This War o Mine I: Get ready”
  3. Continue the Quest up to “This War o’ Mine IV: Supplies”
    Get your Dark Jade Soulstone.


Gold Amulet (Bounded)
Restore your HP to 100% when it falls below 50%, cooldown 5sec.