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Here’s your chance to pump up your Hero with our 10th Anniversary Promo Promo! Get FREE items when you top-up.

Eligibility: Promo is open to all Perfect World Philippine players.

Our latest top up bundle gives you more value for your top up. Simply load up your Perfect World account to get your free items.

For every cumulative load you will get a specific item;

  • 100 load (2000 Gold) : 200 Commemorative Token
  • 350 load (7000 Gold): 150 Token of the Defender
  • 500 load (10000 Gold): 9 Champion Ring’s Pack
  • 1000 load (20000 Gold): 1 Ultimate Soul Stone Pack
  • 2000 load (40000 Gold): 1 Seal of the Board
  • 5000 load (100000 Gold) 1 Golden Five Cents

Ultimate Soul Stone Pack contains one of the ff:



• Only once per account can receive the prize.

• You can only receive the item if you reach a specific total load. If your total load reaches 5000 you will get all items.

• You will not get 400 Commemorative token even if you load a total of 200.

• Top up to Perfect World using myLU ( during the promo period.

• Send your username, charname, server and total load where prize will be given at Subject is [Server] 10th Anniv Promo


Start Date: July 25 2017 (12:01AM)

End Date: July 29, 2017 (11:59PM)


• Emails will still be accepted after 5 days of the event. Emails after the deadline will not be accepted and your prize will be forfeited.


In-game prizes will be given within 14 days of the event completion.

Disclaimer: Playpark reserved the right to amend or change of the event mechanism without prior notice.