Let’s freeze the moment and make it last forever.
Come and join the PW Class Picture 2020!


– Every Thursday (5PM Sun 6PM New Moon) [CM]venus will announce where the Class Picture will take Place
(08/06/2020: Changed time due to conflict with Thursday Tournament)

– Every Class scheduled for that day is welcome to join.
08/06/2020: New Enrollees (Characters created after Aug 6) are not qualified.

Schedule per class:

AUG 6 – WX XS HL – Wu Xia , Xi Shou , Hun Ling

AUG 13 – YY YL YS- Ye Ying, Yu Ling, Yao Shou

AUG 20 – WS JL YX- Wu Shih, Jian Ling, Yu Xia

AUG 27 – FS YM YJ- Fa Shih, Yu Mang, Yao Jing

– Players who will participate must wear “Armor”, not fashion.

– All character who is tagged as nuisance characters will be Banned from logging in for 24hrs

(Avoid joining the picture if you are not the same class)

All class who attended the picture will receive 800 Valor Token


In-game prizes will be given within 14 days of the event completion.


To ensure the smooth proceeding of the event, if players were to disrupt to proceeding on an event, punishment will be dealt out in accordance to our abuse policy.

The GM Team may revise and amend these mechanics, if necessary, at its own discretion.

In the event of any revision, the team will specify the reason and the effective date of such amendment.