IGN: VentriFib
Clan: Nuisance
Level:  103
Class: Yu Xia
Server: New Moon

Bio: Way back in 2007, my friend invited me to play PWPH. At first, I was hesitant because to be honest I never played any mmorpg before. What actually convinced me to play the game was the thought that Toni Gonzaga was also playing it since she sang the game’s theme song when it was launched here in the Philippines. I remember we created our very first heroes in Dragon server. My friend was a YS and mine’s a WX named Malivog (it was my friend’s idea haha). After years of adulting, I went back playing last July this year.I was again invited by a friend I met in the game. What keeps me coming back to this game is that you can be yourself. You can choose and create any hero that suits your gameplay. The best part is that you can customize your hero’s appearance. And of course the gameplay itself. The journey that you take from being a noob to the strongest that you can be is so priceless. And also the strangers that you meet in the game might be your next friends for keeps. So I highly recommend it to those gamers that are looking for friends too aside from the game’s terrific graphics and gameplay.

Why you should pick me: Being tag as the Hero of the month would mean, not only being the strongest in the land of PWPh, but because you are able to help others grow and be the best that they can be. During my free time online, when someone shouts for help, I immediately lend a hand as long I can. And of course, setting up goals and eventually reaching them. I was able to craft r8rr set, though it’s not yet complete. I’m still missing r8rr helmet and weapon.(I’m looking for people who can sponsor these items haha!) And one achievement that I’m most proud of is that I reached Divine cultivation and RS II as my boundary.

IGN:  Keziah~
Clan: Insignia
Level:  104
Class: Yu Ling
Server: Sun

Bio: I started playing back in 2008 or 2009 when I was still at school. I remember playing for Fidelis from Tiger Server and Mastermind for Dragon Server. The game taught me a lot of skills that I am able to use in my day to day life as a professional. In my profession being a team player is a must and I’m glad that I was able to learn that specific skill set to challenge the corporate world to be successful in my chosen profession. I am recommending and have recommended this game countless times to my friends simply because of its community and environment. When I was playing it back in the level up servers I always tell people that the community alone is already plus, being able to meet people from around the country and interact with them real-time without worrying about the physical constraints is already a win for you, after all, I always believed that friends are valuable than any other currency in the world. Plus the perks and the events are way more fun compared to the old servers and the way the game masters are more approachable and visible compared to the old server is such a huge help for us in the community. I am happy that to this day PlayPark kept this game going and stuck to its core values for its community and I will always be grateful that they kept the game going for us to continue playing.

Why you should pick me: In my line of work I am asked to be approachable and empathetic of other people, I think these characteristics helped me breeze through the challenges the game posed for me since I started playing again. I have just started playing late June or early July and I was surprised by all the changes that happened since I last played the game but it was my people skills that helped me gain new set of friends who helped me overcome game challenges in my way. This I think is a great asset a Hero of the Month should possess knowing how to interact and be empathetic of other people, the community is huge and there are sides to be played however there should always be room for camaraderie and understanding. Having this trait in a world filled with brawls and where strength and power matter is important because a gigantic defeat is as huge as a small victory and the game’s idea is to celebrate both victory and defeat. As someone who sees this early on the game and is able to generate positivity and brush off negativity, I know for a fact I am worthy to be Hero of the Month and to continue spreading positivity and kindness in the world created by Pan Gu >3

IGN: mondroan
Clan: Eagle
Level:  105
Class: Yu Mang
Server: New Moon

Bio: I already played perfect world way back 2009, stopped when it closed, and started playing again this April 16,2020 due to this pandemic that we are experiencing to ease up the boredom. What I like in perfect world is that it is continually upgrading, fun to play with and the thrill and excitement when we accomplish dungeons on party and also this game teaches you coordination and cooperation with your team or party mates. I get to bond with other people and my brother who’s also playing this game. My accomplishments for my guild is that I am one of the representative of my clan for omni battle , I was able to cap my level in a short span of time and currently working on my ancient tome level , I was able to max the passive skills of my character and even learn all of the ex rating skills. I also reached the Royal Sky boundary V and currently working to reach Royal Sky X. I encourage my clan mates to work on their boundaries because it is the most essential thing right now on perfect world. I also encourage them to do dungeon hunt such as Frozen Hell where we can get a lot of items. Before playpark , I am part of Serpent server and got to play on phoenix server when it merged. I would like to recommend perfect world to all the players in the world because this game will test your cooperation skills, patience through grinding up your levels and it will be fun meeting new people and expanding your community for lifetime. Isn’t it fun ? Come play perfect world !

Why you should pick me: I didn’t spend a single peso on my character. all of the items that I obtained are from everyday hunt with the help of others. For the past 7 months, I’ve been grinding my level and boundary through daily quest. I explore every possible way where I can earn yuan vitae and experience .I attend daily events and weekly quest. I also teach my clanmates whenever they have question to things that are new to them, though I am also new to some things such as Homestead, Dungeons, and other stuff I read posts and watch videos about them. I am not in the main clan where there are a lot of strong players that can give you help with difficult dungeons but I managed to obtain high-level items through exploring and studying tips on how to defeat dungeon bosses. Nothing is impossible if you focus on your goal, it may take time to accomplish it but it will be worth when you obtain it. Perseverance and Patience is what I have and on top of it for some reason, this game has played a significant role in my life and become one of my stress relievers. 🙂

Clan: Alliance
Level:  103
Class: Yu Xia
Server: Sun

Bio: I started playing Perfect World when the Dragon and Tiger Server opened way back 2007. My first character was a Wu Xia and I really loved this job because of its diverse use of weapons and skills. For me, the best thing about Perfect World is not the game itself, but its ability to connect people with one another. I gained a lot of friends since playing this game and for that, I am very grateful. To date, I can say that the best accomplishment I have is joining the Omnibattle Tournament with my clanmates. Though, it was unfortunate that we got eliminated still there is no greater honor than to represent my clan during the event. I also played Special Force before but nothing compares to the pleasure that Perfect World brings. I will highly recommend Playpark Perfect World to the other players out there because in Perfect World it really is… perfect!

Why you should pick me: I am the one and only Asian Cutie of Alliance Clan Sun server. Borrowing the words of Albert Nicolas… “Pag luto na ang kanin, pwede niyo na kong ulamin.”