It’s Hammer Time + GM Jo-Jo’s Birthday Blowout

Jan 25, 2021 | Item Mall

👀 Are you in search of more Yuan? Here’s your chance to get Yuan for your gaming needs.
Just purchase 3 hammers to get 1 hammer for FREE! 👀

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE! Because it is the birth month of GM Jo-Jo, he will be giving away BONUS items!
For every 50 Perfect Hammers, you will get 1 raffle stub to get a chance to win a special item from GM Jo-Jo!

Sun and New Moon Server:
1 winner GOW 1st Recast
1 winner Matchless Wings
1 winner Ascension Crown
3 winners 10 pcs Xia Feng Command Sword
5 winners War Avatar Chest: S (Non-Trade)
2 winners Glyph Pack Level 7 (Non-Trade)

Star-Proxima Server:
1 winner Vanguard Emblem
5 winners War Avatar Chest: S (Non-Trade)
1 winner Divine Scroll
2 winners Warsong Commader’s Badge
2 winners Seal of the Board
1 winner Holy Moon Wings of Victory
1 winner Holy Moon Seal – Defense w/ Dayflame Soul

Duration: January 25, 2021 – January 27, 2021

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