64bit to 32bit User Guide

Jun 24, 2022 | News


Due to 64bit and 32bit option has been removed from the launcher “Settings” option.

Here’s a guide on how you can choose your preferred Operating Power (32bit and 64bit users).

How you can recognize your Operating Power in-game. (32bit or 64bit)

For 32bit = FPS
For 64bit = FPSx64


How to run 32bit client for 64bit User

  1. Go to element folder inside Perfect World Folder.
  2. Look for the elementclient.exe (this is the 32bit version of the client)
  3. Then double-click this to run 32bit client


*If you want to use a 32bit client for 64bit OS users, close the 64bit client once you have launched the 32bit client.

*To know which client you are going to close. You can use the Task Manager to identify the client’s “bit”.