Player must buy a DB5 from the Item Mall.

To get a free +1, player must trade the item of choice along with the DB5.

The number of pcs of DB5 traded will be the number of free +1 upgrades. Maximum upgrade for an item is +8.


  • Player trades in a +7 accessory and a DB5. Player will receive a +8 accessory (same item).
  • Player trades in a +5 weapon and 3 pcs DB5. Player will receive a +8 weapon (same item).

The GM Team will give the upgraded item after upgrading it but will not return the DB5.

One player can only trade in one equipment/armor at a time. If you have more than 1 equipment/armor, you have to fall in line again.


Bring item/s for trade on the day your server is scheduled for the event. First Come First Serve Basis.

Location will be announced by the Level Up! Game Masters before the event starts on the day of the event itself. Schedule will be announced by the GMs.

Fall in one line and use the vend mode option to stop moving and queue properly. Vend with your queue number and wait for your turn to trade your items. You will be summoned to a different place.

When a player gets disconnected, the queue number of that player will be considered void. The disconnected player will have to line up again.

Players who delay the trading process will be sanctioned with a minimum of 3-day suspension (72 hours). This includes, but not limited to the following:

  • * Dueling or Killing (PK) players in the line
  • * Cutting through the line
  • * Just queuing but has no item or incomplete items to trade
  • * Queuing then selling/trading/giving away your “queue slot” to another player.

Once summoned, the GM will trade with you. Trade your item and your DB to the GM. Wait a few minutes while the GM upgrades your item and returns your item back to you.

If you have more than 1 item to trade, fall in line again.

Note: Please secure a screenshot before and after trading.

Event Schedule : July 30 to July 31 – 5PM to 6PM