Player of the week 4

Player Name: Kaye Lapastora Quindong

Character Name: Ackaye

Server: Chimera

Class: Yu Mang

Clan: Avengers

Month/years started playing: October/14/2016


*Other Questions: Pinaka ma bait na Player sa Chimera

*When did you start playing Perfect World? : when i was in 2nd year high school 🙂

*Why do you love Perfect World? : i love Perfect world Because of its open world MMORPG thats why Love this game 🙂

*Your favorite location in the map and monster : hmmm my favorite location in the map is Dragon City West

*Your dream achievement? : Pa tumbahin si Juuuuuu

*Your accomplishment?: My 2nd recast set 🙂

*Who was your player or characters that you idolize in-World in your Server??: BIGPANDA,Quing,Reito,Vee,pringles,and benj

*What is your most memorable in-world moment?: nong na buhay yung Rebellion na Clan 🙂

*Most embarassing moment in the world moment? nong hindi nakipag Sunggle sa akin si `hehe

*What made you choose your class ? : idol ko kasi yung sa Lord of the rings ehh yung Elf dun kaya nag Yu Mang ako 🙂 wahahaha

*Who`s your Perfect World Crush? : si `hehe  siya yung pinaka ka malaking hinaharap sa server ehh hahaha

*Any message heroes of the perfect world ?? :

The weak will rise the strong will fall!!!!