Every Tuesday
Mechanics (Revised 7/14/2020 change time from 11AM to 3PM and register time from 8hrs to 24hrs)
1. GM will Auction a total of 13 items for the whole month at the “Auctioneer” NPC at 03:00 PM

  •    3 items – 7/7
  •    3 items – 7/14
  •    3 items – 7/21
  •    4 items – 7/28

(Auctioneer NPC’s can be found on major cities and at the Spirit’s Reflection)

2. Items will be registered at the auction for bidding for 24 hours.

Auctioned Items for this week:

1.Blazing Fist  = Matchless Wing

2. Crescent Axe  = The Misty City Avatar chest


3. Clear-Brightness Wand = The Penglai King War Avatars



3. Upon receiving the items after the auction, mail it back to [CM]venus (Sun/New Moon Server) within the day, the rewards will be mailed back within the week.