Celebrate our anniversary by making more fun memories while being active in-game.

#PW13thAnniversary #StayIndoors and #PlayAtHome!
Schedule: July 6-12 11:59 PM (GMT+8) 2020.

 How to Join and Win?
– Get at least 6 Signed Attendance Cards within the event period.

 How to get a Signed Attendance Card?
– Get the Signed Attendance Card after logging in for one hour in-game on the treasure box Icon
– It will show the window where the Roll Call Quest is Activated

-Once you have been online for at least one hour you can press the “Okay” button to get your Signed Attendance

Other Rules

  • This event is active in both the Moon and Sun Servers.
  • If you get disconnected, it’s ok. Attendance is based on the total time you spent playing.
  • Only level 31 and above can get the singed attendance card after an hour of login. BUT don’t forget to claim it

– War Avatar Chest: S (Random S)
– GM Lamb of Blessing EXP Pill