April Art Festival will not be complete without drawing!
Come join the final week of the April Art Festival by Drawing your Main Character.

🕰Duration: April 27-30, 2021

⚙ Mechanics:
1. Draw your Main character with at least 50% Accuracy.

2. Include your IGN and Server in your photo.

3. Both digital and traditional art (scanned copy) pieces will be accepted.

4.Send your Reference character and drawing entry to pwsociety@playpark.net

5. After sending the E-mail comment at the post “I have submitted my entry” IGN, Server, and #PWAprilArtFestival and tag 3 friends to join the event.

Entries will be posted on our Official Facebook Page.

🎁 Rewards:
Valid Participant:
Ultimate Soulstone Pack (Chance to get Dragon Soul Stone, Terra Soul Stone, Arctic Soul Stone, Golden Soul Stone, Nu Wa’s Soul Stone, Xuan Yuan’s Soul Stone)

GM’s choice will win (50% Creativity and 50% Accuracy)
Matchless Wing