It’s here Heroes!

The heat just turned up this APRIL with our Item Mall Update!

Made available in our Item Mall are these hot hot hot new fashion sets. For Males, it’s the Crunk’s Set. For Females, it’s the Victoria’s Set.

Female Male

Available in our Item Mall from the Ascension Patch is the Noah’s Ark Letter. Get a range of amazing items from our Noah’s Ark Letter but remember lady luck favors no one. The Noah’s Ark Letter will be available only until May 4, 2015. So get yours now!!!

Item Mall 0410

Item Mall 0410 4

Doomsday Wand can be exchange into one of the below different raise flight:

  • ​Clearwing Dragonfly​(Earthen)
  • ​Divine Old Vines(Human)
  • Cliff Eagle(Beastkin)
  • Colored Dreamy Butterfly(Tideborne)
  • Purple Glow(Wingkin)

Item Mall 0410 2

Hope Wand can be exchange into Noah’s Ark Mount​

Item Mall 0410 3