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Apr 30, 2024 | News, Notice

Join us for an unforgettable journey through the realms of creativity at our Art Festival, where every stroke of a brush, page of fan fiction, and colorful masterpiece tells a story waiting to be explored!


Social Media Events:


Color Me

Show off your talent at 🎨“Perfect World Color Me!” and get a chance to grab
🎁1 Bell of Garment
🎁10 Ivory White Dye
🎁50 Glyph Color Stones
🎁Chihsi Day Fashion [based on your character gender]
⌛Duration: May 10-16, 2023.
1. React to this post.
2. Download the photo and show your hidden talent in painting/coloring. Include your In-game name and server in your artwork.
3. Both digital and traditional art (scanned copy) pieces will be accepted.
4. Submit your entries here:
5. Ten (10) entries will win 1 Bell of Garment, 10 Ivory White Dye, and 50 Glyph Color Stones, Chihsi Day Fashion [based on your character gender]


– Using the original artwork or other players artwork will disqualify your entry.
Put your IGN or watermark in your artwork.

Participation: 50Random Dye

10 Winners [GM’s Choice (Creativity, Originality)]: [CMeFWinners]
🎁1 Bell of Garment
🎁10 Ivory White Dye
🎁50 Glyph Color Stones
🎁Chihsi Day Fashion [based on your character gender]



🕰Duration: May 17-23, 2021

Judging Period: May 24-28, 2024

Winners Announcement: May 29, 2024



    • Open to all  active perfect world player.
    • Participants can submit only one entry.

Theme: The theme for the contest is inspired by the picture provided.
Participants must craft a story that creatively incorporates elements from the image.

1. Create a story summary based on the image to be posted on May 17,2024. It can be in English, Tagalog, or Taglish.

2. Fanfic should have a minimum of 1,000 charactersm Max of 2,000 characters

3. Submit your file entries HERE

Participation: [PArtFestivalFF] (Valid entries only)
-10 pcs Astrobana lv 2 (non-trade)
-Speaker Coupon [Can be used at Trade Deputy Wang Cai to get a random, 7 days smiley set]
-500 Soul Split Panacea
3 [GM’s Choice (Creativity, Originality)] : [WinArtFFic]
-Celestial Swift Pet
-2 Blue-Sea Dragon Ball [Tradable]
-Divine Scroll
-50 Ruler’s Sigil
-PVP Broadcaster Bonus Pack
Seven-Strides Bell Period: 30 days
Health Stone Period: 30 days
Party Summons – 20
Broadcaster Fashion Pack
Platinum Amulet Box – 4
Platinum Hierogram Box – 4
Draw your character

🎨Design your hero, wield your imagination, and bring your character to life in Draw Your Game Character!
🕰Duration: May 10-30, 2024
1. Draw your Main character with at least 50% accuracy. [Photo editing of screenshot not allowed]
2. Include #PWDrawyourCharacter, your IGN, and Server in your photo.
3. Both digital and traditional art (scanned copy) pieces will be accepted.
4.Send your reference character image and drawing entry HERE

📝Valid Entries will be posted on our Official Facebook Page, 7days after the event.

Valid Participant: [PDrawFF]
Nebula(100) Non trade
2 War Avatar Chest: S

5 GM’s choice (50% Creativity and 50% Accuracy) will win additional [WDrawFF]
4 Ringstar Weave Ruin [Tradable]
1 Returnee Codex Gift Pack (Contains Bell of garment, Dragon Tamer Lasso, Royal Glow Fan)


– Using the original artwork or other players artwork will disqualify your entry.



🕰Duration: May 10-30, 2024

⚙ Mechanics:
1. Any type of craft will be accepted as long as it is handmade by you (e.g., paper, wood, cloth crafts, etc.).
2. The crafting reference should be related to Perfect World, and it must not have been used in any previous events.
3. Post-production pictures of the craft are required. Make sure to save a picture of your process.
4. Submit a picture of your craft along with a clear indicator of the current date (printed or displayed on a digital screen) HERE
5. Include your in-game name and server on the indicator (printed or displayed on a digital screen).

Participation: [PAFCrafts]
500 Dark Ice Crystal
Snow Plum Rare Casket
300 Azure Cosmos Dust
5 [GM’s Choice (Creativity, Originality)]: [AFCraftsWin]
1 Moonlight Crystal [Tradable]
1 Glyph Pack LV9 [Tradable]
10 Dull Draconic Essence [Tradable]

In-Game Events:

Every Monday: Treasure Hunting


Sun server 6:00 - 6:30

New Moon server 6:30 - 7:00 PM

The GM will broadcast that the event has started.
He will broadcast the location on where the treasure was last seen.
Players have 5 min. to look and loot the dropped items

Reward: 9 Mount Lottery Box , 1 Howling wind Bear Egg /per Week

Mount Lottery Box: Contains 1 Random Mount:
Red Hare

Wuzhui Horse

White Dragon


Polar Bear



Sika Deer

Infernal Lion King

Golden Lion

Fortunate Kylin

Cloud Elephant

Every Tuesday: MayDye Shop

Sun server 6:00 - 6:30

New Moon server 6:30 - 7:00 PM

The GM will announce that he has setup a vendor in Dragon City.

Sell 30 Nectar in exchange for 10 Random Dye[Bounded].

Redeemable once per character weekly.

Rewards will be mailed within 7-14 days after event.


Every Wednesday: Celestial Tigers


Sun and New Moon server 6:00 - 7:00 PM

The Celestial Tigers are back every Wednesday this month from 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM.

Get your quest from Tiger God NPC located in Major Cities

Sword City
World: 432 887 (27)
Beast City
World: 247 649 (26)
Dragon City
World: 527 653 (22)
Feather City
World: 328 426 (22)
Vale City
World: 378 231 (24)
Wave City
World: 659 143 (25)
Kill a total of 8000 mobs to proceed to Summon the Celestial Tigers located outside of each City.

Kill the Celestial Tigers

 Rogue Demon Tiger Break
Cooridnates: 263 690(23);282 416(22);342 211(22);484 951(26);639 127(22);

Rogue Immortal Tiger Break
 (Coordinates: 246 629(25);344 256(22);369 421(22);430 851(22);686 120(22);

Redemption of Xia Feng Command Plate at the Heavenly General NPC (129,855) 
using Vision Gem and Spirit Gem will be available within the event duration

You will get a Tiger Pouch based on your Contribution.

Golden Tiger Cache Randomly gains one item:

SilverTiger Cache Randomly gains one item:

Bronze Tiger Cache Randomly gains one item:

Iron Tiger Cache Randomly gains one item:

Tin Tiger Cache Randomly gains one item:

Paper Tiger Cache Randomly gains one item:

Every Thursday: Platinum Tournament

Join the Thursday tournament and if you’re one of the players who received a Platinum Emblem you’ll get additional rewards!
The Thursday tournament will feature a rotating monthly reward, with the Manteau and Ring mats taking turns as the featured prizes.

Players who are above Level 100 after Reawakening twice can participate.
Talk to Tournament Warrior Agent (533. 632)
Sign up during 19:50 – 20:00 on Thursday
Reach/Pass Platinum-tier to be eligible for rewards
Make sure to get a "Platinum Emblem" to be eligible for rewards.

Sun & New Moon Rewards: [2Candy2Light]
2 Float Wedding Candy
2 Arcstar Dust Light

Receivable once per month: [Manteau4Months] [May 2, 2024 revised to correct reward]
225 Ringstar Weave: Song
55 Ringstar Weave: Slash
7 Ringstar Weave: Slay
1 Ringstar Weave: Doom

Champion: [PHXTournaChamp]
2 Dustfall Artifacts
2 Arcstar Dust: Light

Every Friday: Valor Crafts

Every Friday, if you craft the specific item and quantity at the Tripod of Attendance in Dragon City North (550, 675)

50pcs vision gem = 200 Fortifications Essence [bounded]

100pcs spirit gem = Dustfall Rare Pack [bounded]

1 Ruler's Sigil = 100 Nebula Dust Orb [bounded]

Redeemable once per character / weekly

 Dungeon Challenge: Clan Trials

Duration: May 1-June 2, 2024


  • A player will be eligible for rewards when the clan has finished the Trial.
  • Rewards will be based on the highest trial completed by the clan within the event duration.
  • The Clan Master needs to upload a short video of the clan defeating the Trial bosses.
    • The video must show the “Quest Success” message and any indicator of the date and time, such as the red chat on login or the Game Calendar UI.
  • Any clan member must kill and have their quest trial success recorded to be counted.
  • The Clan Master must submit the clan entry using this [FORM].

Clan Member rewards will be based on the highest trial finished by the Clan.
Clan must finish lower trial before being eligible for the higher trial reward.

T1  Duanyin Clan Mo Jiang:
Fund Stone x80
Nebula Dust Orb x140
Astrobana Pearl Ultimate x40
Fuhsi Pearl x5
Soulforge Temper x1
War Avatar Chest S x1
Emp Purple Dragon Scale x1

T2 Dixue Clan Zi Jin

Fund Stone x150
Nebula Dust Orb x180
Astrobana Pearl Ultimate x80
Fuhsi Pearl x15
Soulforge Temper x2
War Avatar Chest S x1
Emp Purple Dragon Scale x2
Glyph Pack Lv7 x1

T3  Tianyan Clan Grand Sky

Fund Stone x200
Nebula Dust Orb x200
Astrobana Pearl Ultimate x120
Fuhsi Pearl x30
Soulforge Temper x4
War Avatar Chest S x2
Emp Purple Dragon Scale x3
Cloud Ferry Rare Fragment x1
Glyph Pack Lv7 x2

T4  Shengwei Clan Mi Xin

Fund Stone x250
Nebula Dust Orb x250
Astrobana Pearl Ultimate x200
Fuhsi Pearl x45
Soulforge Temper x6
War Avatar Chest S x3
Emp Purple Dragon Scale x4
Cloud Ferry Rare Fragment x2
Glyph Pack Lv7 x3

T5  Huoye Clan Ye Guan

Fund Stone x300
Nebula Dust Orb x300
Astrobana Pearl Ultimate x250
Fuhsi Pearl x70
Soulforge Temper x9
War Avatar Chest S x3
Ultimate War Avatar S Chest x1
Emp Purple Dragon Scale x6
Cloud Ferry Rare Fragment x3
Glyph Pack Lv7 x2
Glyph Pack Lv8 x1

T6  Wuhou Clan Sing

Fund Stone x350
Nebula Dust Orb x350
Astrobana Pearl Ultimate x300
Fuhsi Pearl x100
Soulforge Temper x12
War Avatar Chest S x2
Ultimate War Avatar S Chest x2
Emp Purple Dragon Scale x8
Cloud Ferry Rare Fragment x4
Glyph Pack Lv7 x1
Glyph Pack Lv8 x2

T7  Shennong Clan Mo Chexin

Fund Stone x500
Nebula Dust Orb x500
Astrobana Pearl Ultimate x350
Fuhsi Pearl x150
Soulforge Temper x15
War Avatar Chest S x1
Ultimate War Avatar S Chest x3
Emp Purple Dragon Scale x10
Cloud Ferry Rare Casket x1
Glyph Pack Lv8 x3

Additional rewards will be mailed to the Clan Master. Distribution of Clan Trial rewards will be up to the Clan Master.


Disclaimer: PlayPark reserves the right to change, amend, modify, suspend, continue, or terminate said mechanics at any given time deemed appropriate.

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