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Check out our latest Item of the Month. The Golden Cloud Scroll. Grab it from our Item Mall starting April 1 to April 30



Our latest fashion item for the Month of April. Sailor Guard Set for Male and Fuzzy Cocktail Set for Female.

PW_720x720_banner_Sailor & Fuzzy Cocktail Set

Emperors Order Parade can be exchange into one of the raise flights below:

  • Gemini (Earthen)
  • Eight Ruyi (Human)
  • Multicolored Demon Crane (Beastkin)
  • Perliamo (Tideborne)
  • Yu Calamity (Wingkin)

War Avatar Treasure Box Sale from April 3 – May 1 only.

WA Sale

Moonshade Flight Sale from April 17 – May 1, 2017

Flight Sale