Celestial Recruitment

Jul 28, 2021 | Events, News

Aug 16 – Nov 16, 2021

For Clan Master
– All Clan Masters in Sun and New Moon Server are eligible to join. Newly created Clans are also allowed to join.
– Clan Masters can recruit as many New Players as they can.
– Clan Master must register their Clan here: [Click here]
(Clan Masters may always update the form whenever they acquire a new member)
– For every 3 recruited New Player that will reach Rb 2, he will be entitled to give 1 existing old member to have the exact same prize as the new player.
*The Old member may only receive rewards once. If he recruited more than 6 players rewards should be given to another member.
This will give a chance for an existing member to help the clan master to recruit a New Player.
*Added on 8/16/2021
– Clan Master should collect and verify their recruited member’s FB account before registering it in the Google Form.
– Clan Master with a maximum member 200/200 may create a 2nd branch, but the main branch’s clan master will be the one that will fill up the form.
– 2nd Branch Clan’s name should be close or relevant to the Main Clan.

For New Players
– Create a NEW Account on any server
– Create a character (Must be Alphanumeric only, should not start with 0, ” and ‘ and must not have special characters)
– Perfect World Account must be created starting August 16, 2021
– If you are recruited by any clan, answer this form: [Click here]
– Update your account details HERE

• If a Clan will participate in any tournament that does not allow transferring of members, “New Players” of that particular Clan that they have recruited from the “Celestial Recruitment Event” will be included in their official member list and must not transfer as well.
• A New Player may transfer Clan, but he will still be counted as a recruited player of the first clan he joined.

Level Rewards:
*All NEW Accounts are eligible for the level rewards
*A character may only win once

Reach Level 50: Glorious Newbie Pack
80 Silverstream Emblem (200K Fame)
24 Original Lore(Lv 70 Armor Set)
5 Minor Homestead Supply Bag
3 Primal Minion Egg
Rebirth 1: 100 Nebula Dust Orb (Bounded)
20 Astrobana Lv2(bounded)
2 GM Lamb of Blessing
1,100 Fortification Essence(Rank 8 Full Set 1st Recast Materials)
250 Arcane Legend Pills(Boundary Level boost)
Rebirth 2:
*Receivable once per Account
-4 pcs Dragonball 1-8 (non-trade)
(Tier 17 Weapon 1st Recast Materials)
-400 Blood Spirit Stone
-240 Gold-plated Iron
-120 Ether Jade
(4 Armor Parts Rank 8 2nd Recast Materials)
-8000 Songflow Ringstone
-440 Strongwind Badge
-184 Benevolence Seal
Rebirth 2, Level 105:
*Recruiter should be level 105 to receive the same reward
1 War Avatar Chest: S
First RB 2, Lv 100 per Class per server: 1 War Avatar Chest: S
RB2, Level 103 Raffle per server: *Only verified accounts may join the raffle, make sure to update your details. A person may only win once. 3 Winners of 2 Dustfall Artifact
3 Winners Vanguard Emblem(Bounded)
2 Winners of COF Gamma Necklace or Warsong Gamma Belt(Bounded)
3 Winners of 190 Arcstar Dust Truth, 25 Arcstar Dust: Mind(Bounded)
2 Winners Matchless Wing(Bounded)
1 Winner Ascension Crown (Bounded)
3 Winners of Dragon Ball 9 (Bounded)
3 Winners of Dragon Ball 10 (Bounded)
2 Royal Sky Boundary Pill
Weekly Newbie Raffle
(per server)
*A Character may only win once.
2 Winners of Twilight sky boundary pill
5 Winners of Guardian of Dragon City Pack
 Seven-Strides Bell Period: 14 days
 Health Stone Period: 14 days
 Limited Costume Weapon Voucher
 Book: Can’t Leave The Game
 Vendor Coupon
5 Winners of 5 pcs War Avatar Pack: S

The Clan Master with the most recruits will also get a special bonus (Minimum of 20 recruits):
15k Cash or 25 k Worth of Gold Items – The highest number of recruit
10k Cash or 15 k Worth of Gold Items – 2nd Highest

  • GM Team and Moderators will verify the identity of those recruits before winning the title.

For Questions and concerns, you can message PW Official Page
Event Rewards will be mailed within 7-14 working days after the event.

*Disclaimer: Contest rules/prizes are subject to change without prior notice, In the event of any revision, the team will specify the reason and the effective date of such amendment.
By joining this event, players agree to abide by the rules as stated in the contest mechanics.
The decision of the GMs and the Perfect World Team is considered final and irrevocable.

08/06/2021 Added – If you are recruited by any clan, answer this form: [Click here]
08/12/2021 – Added more information for clarification, corrected the typo for Most Recruit Rewards.
08/20/2021- Added: A character may only win once.
08/30/2021 – Added: Rebirth 2: *Receivable once per Account