Player of the week 8

Player name: Ranie Abellera

Character name: chloe

Server: Chimera

Class: Yu Ling

Clan: Sentinels

Year started: 2009

When did you start playing Perfect World: I switched to Perfect World when I got bored playing Maplestory SEA because I didn’t get the chance to buy gold/game credits since the game cards were sold only in some SEAn countries that excludes the Philippines. Made me real sad not to get the chance of dressing up my character. HAHA!

Why do you love Perfect World: I love Perfect World because of the astonishing graphics and the ravishing fashion and of course, the players itself – all the drama and the exchange of blows HAHA! So entertaining!

Where do you usually hang out in-world: UNIVERSAL CITY! Because I feel like it’s the Hollywood or some places where the celebrities meet and chill. The entrances at the hell and heaven domes are like the gates of Valkyrie and Revel at the BGC. And walking in Universal City makes me feel like walking in the streets of Manhattan with all those expensive boutiques! HAHA!

What are the features that you like best in the game: Moments like this, which I get to share my thoughts with everyone! So, good job playpark team!

Your favorite location in the Map or favorite monster: Favorite location is at the great wall, because I’ve always dreamt of wandering The Great Wall of China. And my favorite monster is the King of Purgatory because every time I see that monster I get to see myself talking to him saying “Please take my Ex with you in purgatory and let me kill you both!”

Your dream achievement: Getting that +12 upgrade without using any dragonballs and getting those ultra-rare items from the lottery boxes!

Your accomplishments: I get the chance of having four +11 upgrades by using the Heaven and Underworld stones which by far was first in Chimera server back then. But I get to lose those upgrades since I’m too ambitious in achieving that +12. LMAO!

Who are the players or characters that you idolize in-world in your server: I don’t have anyone in particular but I idolize the players who are so good in PK! Like when I get killed on a 1-on-1 battle I feel like punching myself for not being so talented with slaughtering people! That’s why I concluded that I only belong to the awesome cata healers of our clan! LOL!

What is most memorable in-world moment: When I met the person who broke my heart into pieces! HAHA! Overly dramatic puppy love! And when I used to open lottery boxes while the territorial war was on going.

Most embarrassing in-world moment: When I didn’t get the items I wanted from the lottery boxes and everyone in game was like “makukuha mo na yan!” which added to my depression even more. It made me spend real huge on that! HAHA! But no regrets, I enjoyed it.

What made you choose your class: Yu Ling is the only class that is so tender. Well I, myself is too gentle with my actions, too IRL. And I like supporting people to kill for me and at the same time they need to protect me. HAHA!

Who’s your perfect world crush: NO ONE! Because they tend to break my heart! It’s like saying “I’m not afraid to love, but I am afraid of rejection!” LOL!

Any message to the heroes of the perfect world: Hey! Don’t be shy, I won’t bite. Unless you want me to. HAHA! Kiddin’ here it is – There will always be a message on how a person treats you, just listen. So better treat me right, and I’ll treat you even better.