The Cube of Fate is a solo dungeon (shared instance) that you can enter starting at level 40. There are 50 rooms in the puzzle dungeon, each with its own unique challenge to complete. Once you complete a room’s challenge, you will receive a random six-sided Dice that will move you forward throughout the dungeon. The objective is to reach room 50, however, if you fail a challenge or are killed along the way, you will respawn back in room 1 with the option to either exit the Cube, or start the puzzle all over again. Here’s the Cube of Fate guide for new players: [Click here]


1.      All players are eligible to join
2.      GM will announce that the event has started and will ask for an item.
3.      Players need to bring the item and do a Cube of Fate Run.
4.      GM will wait in room 50 and the player needs to trade the item to be counted.
5.      The highest number of the player who will reach the room 50 within the time limit will win the challenge.  

Schedule:  October 16, 2020
Cube of Fate Run – 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm  


Winner: 5 Days 2x EXP, Drop and Soul
Loser: 5 Days EXP and Soul with 3 Days Drop Boost  

– Seal of the Board
– 1 pc DB 8 nontrade

2nd – 10th
– 1 pc DB 8 nontrade
– 10 pcs Rotating Cube Gear 

11th player onwards 
5 pcs Rotating Cube Gear 

All participants to reach floor 50 and give the required item will receive the following items within 7 days.
Starglade Chest – 1
Astrobana Pearl Lv1 – 4
Astrospira Pearl Lv1 – 4
Nebula Dust Orb – 4
Glyph Pack LV2 – 4
Neverfall Squire’s Badge – 10