Two New Daily Quest Activated

Duration: Dec. 6, 2019 to Dec. 13, 2019


Get the quest from Black Mirror Monkey

He will ask you to help penguin lord express his love to Penguin Maid.

Next, you inquire to the Strange Elder NPC, He’ll ask for 5 Fresh Crab Meats, which can be obtained from Angry Crabs hiding at the Crab Holes.

Give the Fresh Meat to Strange Elder, Kill 8 Fish catching leopard.

Submit the Quest to Black Mirror Monkey and Receive

1,200,000 Exp

240,000 Soul

Random Item



Go to the Penguin Station Located at Sky Lake (443, 590).

Choose either to help Penguin Maid or Penguin Lord

  • Helping the Penguin Maid will give you the item “Guin Anger” which can be used on the Penguin Lords
  • Helping the Penguin Lord will give you “Guin Confession” which can be used on Penguin Maids.

Both items are time-limited to 3min, each kill will reward you with

120,000 Experience

24,000 Soul

1Pretty Penguin’s Swimscale (Swimming speed increased by 80% for 12 seconds.)

1 Penguin Lord’s Flying (Flying Speed increased by 80% lasts for 12 seconds.)

Kill as much as you can within the time limit to maximize rewards.