Clan: Amicorum
Level:  105
Class:  Yu Ling
Server: New Moon

Bio:  I can still remember the first time I took a glance at this astonishing 3d MMORPG in 2007 when a classmate introduced this to me, after we conduct our data gathering activity study in college. I have to admit I was stunned and for just an hour of observing I created an account already in Dragon server originally. Being a student I used to play a lot of RPGs but for so many reasons of staying in this game, the most that I like is it’s gameplay. You can do so much about customization and it has a wide range variety of roles that fits your playing style. I would definitely give this a 5 star rating especially for mostly females to take part and have fun in dressing also. I am proud to say that I am actively participating in most guild events to promote bonds of friendship and camaraderie.

Why you should pick me: Being Hero of the Month means being an ambassador. It embodies the perfect example of a true Hero in all aspects of life, and by that I most humbly take this as a challenge to encourage and promote all female players to feel empowered and participate in this game dominated by men.

IGN: ~Gianna~
Clan: Sentinel
Level:  104
Class: Fa Shih
Server: New Moon

Bio: I started playing the game way back 2008 when I was still in college. A computer shop near our campus was giving out free installers for the game. Me and my friends decided to try the game and instantly got addicted to it. What I like the most with Perfect World is the unique gameplay it has and the territorial war wherein it’s the perfect venue to showcase your talent and skills with your chosen hero. This was the first online game that I tried playing up until now. I was in Dragon Server during the early days of Perfect World PH and also tried playing in Serpent Server. I think there’s no need for me to recommend Playpark Perfect World to the other online gamer’s out there for the game already speaks for itself. Only a hardcore gamer can appreciate the excitement that Perfect World gives, the reason why we keep coming back for more.

Why you should pick me: Honestly speaking, being the Hero of the Month is not the ultimate price in this event. But to be able to share your Perfect World experience from 2008 up until 2020 is already priceless. Being able to inspire others and sharing with them the importance of balance between Real Life and In-Game is already worthwhile. Thank you Perfect World for the 12 years of wonderful memories and hoping for more years to come. God bless us all 🙂


IGN: Simcard
Clan:  Insignia
Level:  104
Class: Wu Shih
Server: Sun

Bio:  I can’t really remember when I started playing but it was at the peak of Perfect World, this was when there were 3 Major Servers. I played at Dragon and was so amazed with how realistic the graphics were for Perfect World at the time, from the animation to the skills and other features it really felt like the game itself was ahead of its time but most of all one of the many highlights for me was the catchy song by Toni Gonzaga. It wasn’t just catchy; it was so inviting overall and writing about this triggers a replay on my head LOL! One of the many accomplishments I have done was reaching level 100 for the game, leveling was one of the toughest tasks to do at the time, and it was really fulfilling being able to reach level 100 because, for quite some time I got stuck at level 70ish and got bored, I even played other games at the time just so I can ease out the boredom. Eventually, PlayPark Perfect World called me back because of how awesome the gameplay is. One of the many reasons why I am an avid promoter of the game is because of its community. The amazing people you play with are what keeping the game alive. You’ll meet different kinds of players who can be your friends, foes, or even your lover but the real treasure here is the friendship that you form in-game which evolves outside of the game. These are some of the many pitches I tell my friends when they ask me about Perfect World!

Why you should pick me: I truly believe that I am worthy of the title Hero of the Month. When I hear this I am reminded of People like Vasco, Melusine, Kopijeli, Syntrex, Keziah~ and so on… these are people in my clan who solidified their spot in this hall of fame by being themselves and sharing their knowledge with others. I help a lot of newbies because I want to help rebuild the community. It makes me proud to see them reach a certain goal they’ve set for themselves and know that I was a part of that success, moreover I think the best part of helping others is getting help in return without realizing it. It is such an amazing conquest discovering new things while helping others discover themselves!

IGN:  Shoto
Level:  103
Class: Wu Shih
Server: New Moon

Bio:  I started playing Perfect World way back in 2015. to be honest, I last playing it for a year or so because I need to focus more on academics. I don’t know what to do at that time, I just go finishing quests, and then when I arrive in City West that’s where I’ve seen powerful players. players with good equip and higher levels. Yes, It hits my curiosity and asks them how to get such items and grind faster. Asking other players for yuan, so that I can teleport to another city. It is a great help that you’ve made friends in the game. They will help and guide you to get through it. This year I’m back playing it again together with my new character from NAP Event. A new character, new clan, new friends, and I am enjoying playing PW now because of my clanmates. New IGN is the key. It is worth recommending to anyone because of its in-game experience, how entertaining it is and making new and true friends in real life because of the game.

Why you should pick me: I encourage other players that whatever the items you have, what level you are right now, there is always room for improvement. Everyone starts as a beginner. Both newbie and pro players have an equal stage to join events and contests. I learned from this game that it’s not about how strong you are right now, but it’s about the process of how you will be strong together with your friends and foes. It’s not always about victories but also failures and accepting it with a smile 🙂

IGN:  `Theo`
Clan:  Rebellion
Level:  100
Class: Wu Shih
Server: New Moon

Bio:  I started playing Perfect World Ph Server somewhere between 2008-2009 during grade school (if I remember correctly). At that time, my now-brother-in-laws were the one who introduced me to the game. It was my first-ever MMORPG, so everything from there on came to me like a massive wave of emotions. During my first encounter, the Tideborne was the newest race introduced and I played as a Wu Shih or Psychic character (which I think is one of the main influences why I’m fond of using magic-type characters in my later encounters of other games). I remember my first time logging in and the first thing that piqued my interest was the game’s visuals. I love running or flying around with the surrounding places of Wave City (never minding my quests for a while 😅😁), and checking/exploring landmarks or just anything that caught my attention. Listening to the game’s background music in different locations gave me chills! It was so surreal as if you are being transported into another dimension, hence the Perfect World as the game says. Playing in these times when a lot has happened with the rich history and expansions of Perfect World, I can’t say I’ve accomplished any notable things in the game or even on my guild because I’m just a casual-returning player (with still a whole LOT to learn. 😅) But what I can be proud of, are the bonds of friendship I made with these amazing people from the game which for me is a pretty big accomplishment. Players give life to the game and the fact that you can form friendships with people virtually is not to be taken lightly. Memories with them can deeply and positively contribute to a person’s becoming. Growing up, I got exposed to a lot of games like Silent Hill, Resident Evil, gods eater burst, and much more but I think the game I played which is close to perfect world is ‘Aura Kingdom’. Before the Playpark’s server, Perfect World Ph was in another company and I played on the Tiger server. I’d like to recommend Playpark Perfect World to all the players around the globe because it is one of the classic MMORPG’s out there that is still alive and ever-expanding to keep up with today’s technology. The game’s rich History, Story Lines, and Visuals can rival those of today’s RPG games. Those who are a fan of fantasy-filled adventures and quests should really check this one!

Why you should pick me: I think one quality that I do have to become the Hero of the Month is the sense of loyalty towards my guild-mates but at the same time being open to new friendships outside our clan. I like to think that Guilds were just our homes. There may be some conflicts and disputes between other homes at times, but in the end, we’re all just players who love this game so having mutual respect is vital in creating a good community for players especially beginners.

IGN:  Eryca
Clan:  Amicorum
Level:  104
Class:  Yao Jing
Server: New Moon

Bio:  I started playing last year in September to be exact and this game was introduced to me by my girlfriend. What I like the most about this game is the camaraderie and the people who act as one just to win for territorial war! Even though I am a “NEWBIE” they helped me accomplish so many task and dungeon runs with patience. This game has a huge impact and adjustment to me because I am a fan of FPS games but dangg I am really amazed by this game. What I’d like to recommend for this game is more in-game events and EB of course!!!!!
Why you should pick me: Although I’m still new to this game I strive really hard in order to keep up with the game environment and every day I learn new things about this game.