Available now Sky Fire Feather lucky box. It will be in our Item Mall starting today until December 31, 2018 (8:00AM)!

Get a chance to win the rare Blazing Dragon Mount.

But wait there’s more! If you’re lucky you can get Violet Plume Flyer flight. Check the list of flights below.

Human – Lover of the Wind

Beastkin – Exquisite Seadragon

Wingkin – Rising Phoenix

Tideborne – Jade Brilliance

Earthen – Rhyme of the Finch

Moonshade – Violet Razor

Our fashion of the week is now here!

Festive Snowman Set~

Reset Stat Ticket now available!

Star Chart Item now available!

Arcane Sky Boundary Pill – Instant level 10 Arcane Sky Boundary

*Note: If you use Arcane Sky Boundary Pill you will not receive the Unique Prize Arcane Sky V and X Prize.

Design you Homestead this Christmas season with these new items!

Colorful Balloon – 25 Gold

Wishful Sock – 25 Gold

Crystal Flake – 25 Gold

Heartwarming Snowshoe – 25 Gold

Parachute of Happiness – 50 Gold

Christmas Gift Box – 50 Gold

Christmas Tree – 50 Gold

Santa Clause – 75 Gold

Joyful Snowman – 75 Gold

Happy Snowman – 100 Gold

Gingerbread House – 100 Gold

Armory Pack the new lottery box now available in Item Mall for a limited time only starting Dec 24 until Dec 31 (8:00AM) only.

Check the list of items below