Available now Bleak Nebula lucky box. It will be in our Item Mall starting today until January 14, 2019 (8:00AM)!

Get a chance to win the rare Ancestral Horror Mount.

But wait there’s more! If you’re lucky you can get Glass Heart Flyer Token. Check the list of flights below.

Human – Taoist Mind

Beastkin – Flaming Roar

Wingkin – Arcane Thought

Tideborne – Blinding Shine

Earthen – Pious Entity

Moonshade – Salvation

Our fashion of the week is now here!

Stripe Gem and Stripe Butterfly Set~

Crafting Skill Items now available! Max your crafting skills with ease.

Dragon Contract now available! Sell your items in the Consignment Store.

Mirage Sky Boundary Pill – Instant level 10 Mirage Sky Boundary

*Note: If you use Mirage Sky Boundary Pill you will not receive the Unique Prize Mirage Sky V and X Prize

.Additional Items