03/30/2020 Update – Existing Teams may Change line-up within the event duration.
Just Resubmit the new line-up with the same Team Captain.
Make sure that your team knows this revision.
The Class of the new member should still follow the “No class repeat” for the whole team.

04/17/2020 Update
– minimum of 6 members per team to be eligible for the rewards.
– Lvl102 rewards level requirement reduced to 100.
– Added 102 Reward Archaic Legend Pill


1. All Newly Created accounts in Perfect World  Sun Server are eligible to join.
2. Form a Team of 10, composing of different class/job (No class repeat)
3. Register your Dream team here for monitoring purposes.
4. Minimum of 6 members per team members must reach Rebirth 2 by the end of April (April 30, 2020 11:59 pm).
5. All recruited/interested players must create a NEW PlayPark account and a character starting
March 13, 2020 and reach required rebirth numbers within the duration of the event. (Characters Names must not have special characters or Chinese characters, pure alphanumeric only.)
6. All registered team members who reach Rebirth 1 will be awarded regardless of their teammates’ level.
7. Dream Team can submit for Clan Recruiter (Clan Name) in the form for EB Package rewards.


Rebirth 1
Glorious Newbee Pack
100 Nebula Dust orb
200k Fame

Rebirth 2 – Level 100
1,100 Fortification Essence
7 Pcs Dragonball 1-8
150 Vitae Pills
Blue-Sea Dragon Ball (non-trade)
5 Pcs War Avatar Pack S (B-S)
50 Soul Forge Pack

Rebirth 2 – Level 102
200 Archaic Legend Pill -Increase Vitae by 1000

The Clan Master with the most recruits will also get a special bonus(Minimum of  2 Dream Team Recruited):

30k Worth of Gold Items – Highest number of recruit
20k Worth of Gold Items – 2nd Highest
10k Worth of Gold Items – 3rd Highest
*Choice of Clan EB Package has been removed due to Corona Virus situation in Metro Manila. This is also for the safety of everyone.

Note: Clan masters will be required to submit an ID of the newly recruited members. GM Team and Moderators will verify their identity before winning the title.

  A Special Raffle for all Dream Team Participant
-The Participant must have reached Rebirth 2 to be eligible for the raffle

10 Winners 1 pc Rank 8 Second Recast Weapon materials
10 Winners 4 pcs Rank8 Second Recast Armor materials
3 Winners Tier 16 ring of choice (will be bounded to character)
1 Winner Ascension Crown (will be bounded to character)
1 Winner Soaring Wing (will be bounded to character)


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