Dungeon Expedition

Sep 2, 2021 | Events, News

Team up and get ready for a dungeon expedition with your fellow heroes!
Grab bounties from the untouched lands of The Whispering Mausoleum

September 03-19, 2021

🔹Clear the New Dungeon: The Whispering Mausoleum within the event period.

🔹Share your experience with the community by commenting a screenshot of your dungeon run and short information or story about your expedition on the event post on our official Facebook page.

🔹Include your IGN, Server, and #PWDungeonExpedition

🔹Tag at least 3 friends, who you ran the dungeon with.

Fidelity Forever Pack
10 Body Double
Platinum Hierogram
Platinum Amulet
Bravery Emblem 60days

(All items are bounded and not tradable)
A character may only win once.


For Questions and concerns, you can message PW Official Page
Event Rewards will be mailed within 7-14 working days after the event.

*Disclaimer: Contest rules/prizes are subject to change without prior notice In the event of any revision, the team will specify the reason and the effective date of such amendment.
By joining this event, players agree to abide by the rules as stated in the contest mechanics.
The decision of the GMs and the Perfect World Team is considered final and irrevocable.