New Features

  • A new world boss, Changeling Commander Haspon, has been added at the Path of Sorrow in the Western Steppes. Haspon will spawn every two hours between 15:00 and 24:00 from Thursday to Sunday. Killing Changeling Commander Haspon will randomly drop Detect Pills and Lv 7 Grindstone
  • The Character Simulator has been added to the Functions tab of the menu, allowing you to see how your attributes would change based on different gear and skill setups.
  • ClanBattles have been added, allowing you to challenge other Clans to PvP combat! Leaders of Level 2 or 3 Clans can access this functionality in the Faction pane.
  • Transmutation Master Xolo has been added in Dragon City South. Transmutation can be used to convert certain unwanted items into more useful ones. Speak to Xolo to see a full list of items and what they can be converted into.
  • War Avatar System additions:

War Avatar Crafting feature:

– Requires War Avatar Artifacts from decomposing S Grade War Avatar Cards, and materials from Ten-Dimensional Domain

– Produces S Grade War Avatar Cards

War Avatar Reset feature:

– Requires S Grade War Avatar Card with Reawakening greater than 0, produces multiple of the same card without Reawakening – 2 at Reawakening I, 4 at Reawakening II

Infusing Imperial Spirit

– Requires Imperial Spirit, obtained by fusing 1 War Avatar Artifact, 20 Soulcast Flux and 20 Soulforge Temper together at the War Avatar Master in Kirin Town

– Can be used on War Avatar Cards to enhance attributes by 5% for 30 days.

  • 2 Glyphskills added for each class.

Each Sanctified skill can be infused with a Glyph.

  • Clan System overhaul:
  • New Clan Head Quarters
  • New stats added: Chivalry Points, Loyalty Points, and Loyalty Funds.
  • Existing Clan Bases will be locked down until 1000 Loyalty Points are earned. New Clan Head Quarters aren’t locked down upon opening.
  • All Head Quarters can be locked down if 1000 Loyalty Points are not earned in a single week for 4 consecutive weeks, and require 1000 Loyalty Points to unlock again.
  • Clan Party system:

Squads with at least 8 members from the same faction become Clan Parties. Such parties will benefit from special buffs.

  • Clan Goal system
  • Clan Talent system
  • Clan Recruit system
  • Clan Safe
  • Clan Distribution
  • New dungeon: Ten-Dimensional Domain
  • Five Cents can now be used to exchange for level 1 glyphs
  • Optimization Settings now have a Lighting Effect option


  • All Rank 8 gear upgrades now use Fortifications Essences instead of the previous materials. Old Rank 8 upgrade materials can be exchanged for Fortifications Essences at the Tenfold Ways Engraver at Dragon City East. You can also exchange Shiny Silver Stream Coins to Fortifications Essences at the Resistance Force Leader.
  • Rank 8 Bracers and Shoes are now purchased for 1,000,000 yuan instead of Wedding Candies.
  • Vendor NPCs now sell Mystical Pills, Holy Pills, Mystical Tome Fragments and Perfect Stones.
  • You can now batch craft any stackable item, creating the entire stack at once instead of crafting each item one at a time.
  • The Primordial Blood cost at the Undercurrent Guardian has been reduced from 6 Undercurrent Coins to 1.
  • The Undercurrent Guardian now sells Barbaric Blood for 2 Undercurrent Coins.
  • Reduced the number of materials required to upgrade Flights in the Universal City.
  • Items crafted at the Spirit of the Forge or Dustfall: Spirit of the Forge no longer require Heaven-Earth Stone, but the yuan cost has been increased.
  • Perfect Plus Script can no longer be exchanged for Mystic Pages or High-Grade Mystic Pages. Mystic Pages now drop from the final bosses in Heaven’s Purgatory and Hell’s Arcadia.
  • Level 1 glyphs are now purple in color instead of orange.
  • Training manual, Worn-out Mystic Page, Relic Page of Fate, and Soulless Officer’s Badges now stack up to 9999.
  • Magical Inverse Tablet now stack up to 100.


  • Uncharted Paradise now only requires one trial to be completed before facing the Lord of Paradise, rather than three.
  • The requirements to enter Undercurrent Hall have been reduced to the First Reawakening and Arcane Sky I.
  • The Twisted Nightmare boss has been removed from Dawnlight Halls.
  • Heavenfall Temple now rewards additional Star Chart items.
  • Booster Pills can once again be used in Frostcovered City.
  • Completing Lv100+ Windsong Valley will allow you to enter the Phoenix Sanctum. Talk to the Phoenix Aura there to summon a Golden Toad, which can be killed for a large amount of XP. The Phoenix Aura can only be activated 10 times per day.



  • Title Quests have been added in the Orchid Valley, Peach Blossom Castle, Soulless Swamp, and Sky Cliff.
  • XP, Soul, and Item rewards have been increased for Bounty Hunter quests. Level 40-99 quests now also award items such as Mystical and Holy Pills.
  • XP, Vitae, and Item rewards have been increased for Primal World daily quests.
  • Increased XP and Spirit rewards for the Brooch for a Villa quest chain.
  • Increased XP and Spirit rewards for the Crazy Stone quest. This quest now also rewards items such as Mystical and Holy Pill at level 40+.
  • The quest Dark Emperor’s Fate Star Chart now rewards 5 Starglade Chests, up from 1.
  • The quest Coming of Age: Warriorhood now awards 10 Immortal Stones, up from 5. These stones are now bound and can only be used to refine your own gear. Refinement will use bound Immortal Stones before unbound ones.
  • You can now spend 6 Silent Sea Sandgrains to take a weekly quest to kill the Lord of Paradise in Uncharted Paradise.
  • You can now spend 6 Dawnlight Feathers to take a daily or weekly quest to kill Natya Veda in Dawnlight Halls on Judgment Mode.
  • Completing daily quests for Endless Universe will reward a random True or Dark skill book for your class.
  • Completing daily quests for Advanced Endless Universe will reward a random Mahayana, Immortal, or Demon skill book for your class.
  • The first time you complete Flowsilver Palace each day, you will get a Flowsilver Prince or Princess Token. These tokens can be combined with 5 Golden Splendors to create a Flowsilver Prince or Princess Treasure, which give extra rewards when turned in after completing the dungeon.





  • The Eye of the Jungle now appears next to the Eye of the Jungle in Dragon City South and outside the Forest Ruins.
  • Assistant Wang Tsai now sells several additional items for Five Cents such including lv 1 Glyph Stones, Inkdragon’s Blood, and HFT Relics.
  • Perfect Attendance Officer now sells Flights for 7 Attendance Sheets each.

User Interface

  • Two new Interactive Actions have been added, Show Affection and Adore and Love.
  • You can now save and load additional hotbar layouts by clicking the S icon next to your hotbar.
  • Wei Xaobaono longer announces when players receive Ancient Emblems.
  • The Elder where you are refining will now announce to the server when a piece of gear is refined to +9 or higher.
  • Advance chinow unlock at every level above 40 instead of every other level.

World Environment

  • The requirement to enter Penglai has been reduced to level 85. All quests and monsters in Penglai have had their levels reduced to match.


  • Players can now revive in Flowsilver Palace instead of automatically teleporting to the beginning of the dungeon
  • Celestial Vale quests optimized
  • Requirement to take quests in Undercurrent Hall changed from Mirage Sky I to Arcane Sky I
  • The amount of Feral Soul Stars rewarded from the Lycaeum of Cultivation have been increased
  • Shenwu Valley, Card Bosses, and Undercurrent Bosses no longer drop Mirage Celestones
  • Old Heaven’s Tear (OHT) Gear can no longer be decomposed into Perfect Stones
  • Rotating Cube Gears from Cube of Fate are now bound. Cube necklaces are now unable to be traded upon crafting
  • Rotating Cube Gears must be exchanged for bound versions before they can be used
  • Neverfall Squire’s Badge can no longer be used to exchange for Glyph Pack (LV1)
  • Skill changes made to Spirit of Wu Xia, Spirit of Yao Shu, Yu Ling’s ΣPantheon’s Blessing, and Spirit of Hun Ling.