July 06-09, 2021

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– Download and answer the provided Word Search Image.
– Find the 14 words provided by putting a marker on the puzzle.
(Don’t forget to put your IGN and server in your Image)

– Comment your Image Answer, IGN, Server, Tag 3 Friends, and #WheelofPWortune
– First comment and 3 Random via Live raffle on July 14, 2021, will be the winners.
– Winners will be contacted by the PW GM Team to confirm their availability on July 24, 2021.
– Winners are required to have a camera and attend the Hero Fest online party on July 24, 2021.
– Failure to comply with the requirements will invalidate the entry, the slot will then be given to the person next on the list.

Wheel of PWortune Mechanics:

[CM]Venus will be spinning the wheel for the participants.

-Players will guess a consonant, their score will be equal to the number of instances of the consonant they chose.

-Player must pay 100m to Buy a Vowel

-Guessing the phrase/word will earn the player 500m but the winner is the contestant with the highest score.

-Winner will go to a Bonus round where he gets a chance to win Transcendence Orb, Nuema Portal Avatar Chest, Monsoon, or Glyph Pack LV7
If he guessed the final phrase with letters FEST given, while the player gives 3 more consonants and 1 vowel, within the time limit of 20 seconds.

Winners will participate in the Hero Fest Wheel of PWortune where they will battle for a have a chance to win

  • Massive Yuan
  • Transcendence Orb, Nuema Portal Avatar Chest, Monsoon or Glyph Pack LV7

For Questions and concerns, you can message CM Venus

Event Rewards will be mailed within 7-14 days after the event.

*Disclaimer: Contest rules/prizes are subject to change without prior notice, In the event of any revision, the team will specify the reason and the effective date of such amendment.
By joining this event, players agree to abide by the rules as stated in the contest mechanics.
The decision of the GMs and the Perfect World Team is considered final and irrevocable.