Show your love for our favorite GM by sending him your own greeting cards or fansigns and you might even get awesome goodies!

Here’s How:

Create your own greeting card or fansign for GM Nhevahya on his special day (aka birthday).

Send your card or fansign at with the subject [HBD] GM Nhevahya

Your entry should have the following information:

  • Message
  • IGN / Character Name

Feel free to use any photo/editing/drawing application you would like.

Any inappropriate content will be disqualified from the event and penalized as the judges deem fit.

Twenty (20) winners will be chosen from all the entries sent.

Judges decision is final.


You can submit your entries until February 19, 2016!


  • 3 x Perfect Voucher
  • 15 x Spirit Gem and 45 x Vision Gem
  • 750 x Misty Emblem
  • 10 x Warsong Baldric Text

Prizes will be inserted within nine (9) days from the announcement of winners.