Duration: February 10-14, 2020

How to join?
-Go on an in-game date, comment a GIF image of your date using the new Interaction (Show/Adore)
found in Emoticons Window (E) on our Facebook official page post.
-You can convert photos/videos to gif at https://giphy.com/create/gifmaker
-Comment your entry on our Facebook post
-Along with your in-game name, server, a description of your in-game date and partner.
-Add hashtags #DitoMasaya #PWHeavenlyDate ,
-Tag your Partner and three friends on the post comment section.

Additional Info:
-A person/character may only participate with one partner, multiple entries per person/character is not allowed. (Be Loyal)
-No couple gender restriction

How to win:
1 Players Choice – by number of Reacts
1 GM’s Choice
1 Randomizer

Rewards: 15 Red Dye

In-game prizes will be given within fourteen (14) days of the event completion.

*Disclaimer: Contest rules are subject to change without prior notice.
By joining this event, players agree to abide by the rules as stated in the contest mechanics.
The decision of the GMs and the Perfect World Team is considered final and irrevocable.