Hero Fest Live Celebration

Jul 12, 2021 | Events, News

Celebrate the 14 years of forging the Perfect Destiny in PlayPark Perfect World

Hero Fest Live brings the Perfect Party to your homes this July 24, 10:00 AM at the PlayPark Perfect World Facebook page. Enjoy the company of your favorite GMs and lovely guests, plus bag the Perfect Party Giveaways and In-Game Rewards!

CM Venus and GM Jo-Jo are hosting the Hero Fest Live and reuniting with former GM Nhevahya. Joining the Perfect Party are your favorite Heroes – Xyleen and Esdeath’, you might as well score shoutouts from them!

What’s a celebration without the awesome party giveaways? Chicken Bundles for 3, P500 Online Shopping GCs, and P500 Grocery Vouchers await you as you catch the livestream on July 24! Watch out for the amazing In-Game Rewards that you can get hold of through Early Bird, Anniversary Stream Giveaway, Guess the Price, Pizza Eating, Wheel of PWortune, and Clan Rally!



  1. Moderator1 will take note of the players entering the Discord channel and put it in the Tracker
  2. Moderator2 will invite the Players to the Early Bird room according to entry time.
  3. CM will now proceed with the player verification via Camera, the player must show his face, this process is to assure that no one will hoard the codes
  4. Once verified Moderator3  will Message the Participants their codes
  5. At 11 AM PW Moderators will takeover with the verification.

War Avatar Chest: S & Zenith Skull Bounded


Answer the provided Form when the Livestream starts.


14 Grocery Voucher P500 GC
14 Online Shopping P500 GC
14 Chicken Bundle for 3


  1. Answer the provided form while watching the
  2. Comment your IGN, server, and #PWGuessthePrice
  3. 4 players will be drawn live

Guess the Price:

– Winners must enter the Game room.
– A picture of an item will be shown and the participants must guess its price.
– The participant who is near the price will earn a point.
– The player with the most point after 10 rounds will move to the Bonus round.

The winner will choose from 4 Box (H-E-R-O) which contains different rewards

50m for being a participant
350m for winning elimination round

The winner will get a chance to own one of the following Items:
– Glyph Pack LV7
– Matchless Wing
– Ascension Crown
– Jaden Crystal



Answer the provided Form.
4 Players will be chosen based on their answers.

Beat [CM]Venus: DB9 (non-trade)
Winner: Matchless Wing + DB10 (non-trade)


– SNS Winner will enter the game room.
CM will be spinning the wheel for the players.
-Players will guess a consonant, their score will be equal to the number of instances of the consonant they chose.
-Player must pay 100m to Buy a Vowel
-Guessing the phrase/word will earn the player 500m but the winner is the contestant with the highest score.
-Winner will go to a Bonus round where he gets a chance to win

Total Yuan gained
The winner will get one of the following Item
– Glyph Pack LV7
– Transcendence Orb
– Nuema Portal Avatar Chest
– Monsoon


  1. Interested Clans may submit their entry HERE
  2. A Channel at the Discord will be made for Participating Clans
  3. Clan members should be present by 5 PM for live attendance checking.
  4. Members should be wearing Clan Uniform or Color-coordinated shirts.


1st – 15k worth of Item Mall Items

2nd – 10k Worth of Item Mall Items

Reach 30 Members – (1st 2nd not included) 200 Fortune Key


Hero Fest Milestone

Let’s reach 250 Peak Views

All participants who answered the Form provided on the Hero Fest live will be eligible for 7 Daily Quest Rewards when we reach the goal!

Sigil of Nightbloom 98
Dragonbreath Sigil 28
Profaned Wood (non-trade) 8
Elysian Seal 14
Elysian Treasure Sack 14
Glyph Pack LV2 28
GM Lamb of Blessing EXP Pill 10
Neverfall Squire’s Badge 70
SSP Prince Token 1
Arcane Legend Pill 140
Starglade Chest 14
Astrobana Pearl Lv1 56
Astrospira Pearl Lv1 56
Nebula Dust Orb 56
Rough Bloodstone Shard 70
Rough Iron Shard 42
Ether Jade 14

There will also be a BONUS RAFFLE for all, get a chance to win:
Transcendence Orb
Ascension Crown
Jaden Crystal

Don’t miss out on the Perfect Party, Heroes! Set your alarms for the Hero Fest Live this July 24, 10:00 AM, and be sure to tune in to the PlayPark Perfect World Facebook page.

For Questions and concerns, you can message CM Venus
Event Rewards will be mailed within 7-14 days after the event.

*Disclaimer: Contest rules/prizes are subject to change without prior notice, In the event of any revision, the team will specify the reason and the effective date of such amendment.
By joining this event, players agree to abide by the rules as stated in the contest mechanics.
The decision of the GMs and the Perfect World Team is considered final and irrevocable.

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