Hero of the Month Candidates (Aug)

Aug 7, 2020 | News

IGN: Selfishhh
Clan:  Rebellion
Level: 101
Class: Fa Shih
Server:  New Moon

Bio: I started playing Perfect World when it came to the Philippines back in 2007. What I like the most is simply the graphics of this game. I was amazed at customizing my character. I guess I’m one of the reasons why our Clan is kind of jolly as of the now. I joke around, help a lot, doing mini clan events that would make the Clan happier. Before playing Perfect World, I played Freestyle, RAN online. When I first played Perfect World, I was in the Tiger Server. I wasn’t able to migrate my old accounts it is fine with me. Sure thing, I’m going to recommend this game.

Why you should pick me:  “A hero is somebody who walks into the unknown ” is a quote coming from Tom Hanks. I always wanted to venture new in things in life. I’ve been playing the game since it was introduced here in the Philippines. There were a lot of updates and upgrades that happened in the game for the past 13 years, but I’m still here. I’ve conquered and took those new challenges head-on. I’m so happy that I’ve met friends In-game and became their friends in real life. Shout out to my Clan-mates ” Rebellion4Lyf ”

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IGN: Bilzerani
Clan:  Sentinel
Level: 105
Class: Yu Mang
Server: New Moon

Bio: I started playing perfect world in year 2008. I like this game so much because it turned to be my happy pill during my tough times and there are so many things to do in-game where you can communicate with other players and have fun. After a long period of waiting for the game to come back, I decided to play League of legends. I was a player in Dragon server before and Yes I’m very much willing to recommend playpark perfect world to all players because I want this game to accomplish the goal in becoming a number one game not only in our country the Philippines but the whole world.

Why you should pick me:  I should be the hero of the month because being a hero in the game is not only about just making yourself strong but to help other players who need help and aspiring them to become strong as well. being a flexible player makes me unique, where I can easily relate to other players through good communication and respect in-game and in real life.

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IGN: MaKath
Clan:  Eagle
Level: 103
Class: Eagle
Server: Sun

Bio: Started Playing again about a month ago. It was tough not knowing the game I was so familiar with before. I can’t remember much but I did play at Tiger Server back in 2009 was also a YL and never reached 100 I remember my IGN was bonita which means pretty in my native language “chavacano”. I remember starting in 2008 with a YJ at Dragon server, my IGN was fantasy. I remember choosing this name because I was a closeted gay man at the time and this game gives me the fantasy to be a woman 😂. I was with Holy Order at the time and I remember how back then everything was difficult and slow. We had to work together with other players and be very resourceful to be successful. I was a student then and had very limited financial resources. In 2011 I started working and had to quit. About a month ago I saw a streamer Janepher from Exiled who was streaming the game. I got curious and decided to play again. I was so happy while playing the game. It was in the middle of the NAP event and I was partly shocked that a lot of the things got easier from Fame, Leveling, and even the items. The transition wasn’t so hard which I liked about Playpark, even if the game was somewhat new to me it never failed to give me nostalgic moments and helped me transition to the changes that happened over the years. I also noticed how approachable the GMs are especially CM Venus who I can easily message on Facebook and get my issues resolved. These are small changes that I cherished and was grateful for. I told my friends from back in the day about these changes and encouraged them to play again, to my surprise we shared the same experience. We are now grown men and women but we still find happiness and glimpses of our youth through this game and I will forever be grateful to Playpark for bringing the game back. I met new and old friends, joined a guild (Eagle) who has a huge community who’s very active and helpful 24/7. Today my work gives me flexible time and allows me to enjoy Perfect World and continue to work which is why I am happy that even after all these years Perfect World is still here.

Why you should pick me: My character is fairly new and I still have a long way to work however having all the experience I’ve had in the past came in super handy when I was playing with other NAP players who were working on some quests etc. I am very charismatic, its a part of my job as an engagement leader in the BPO industry to be so, this helped me gained friends in-game easily. During the quarantine, I’ve met people in-game and bonded with them. I played when I was quarantined last July being suspected as COVID-19 positive and to my surprise, people in-game showed so much support for my fast recovery even if they just met me. The effect I have on people and my charismatic approach is key to be a hero of the Month. You don’t need brute strength to be successful in this game, friends in-game can also be considered treasures! These are key assets I know I possess and are contributors to name me as hero of the month 😉

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IGN: Sultao
Clan:  SP/\RTANS
Level: 103
Class: Yao Shou
Server: New Moon

Bio: I started playing Perfect World way back 2008 when I was still a 5th grader. I was playing in Dragon Server before. What I love in Perfect World is its complexity. Perfect World is just perfect because it offers so many adventures to explore. It’s not just about questing or dungeon hunts, it’s also about camaraderie and friendships that I have built with my guildmates. We’ve fought in territorial wars together and have fun even when we lose and celebrate like crazy whenever we win. As a Catapult puller, winning a territorial war is my greatest accomplishment for my guild. I would like to recommend Playpark Perfect World to all the players around the world to experience the best RPG Game that developers ever made. This game has a lot of adventures to explore.

Why you should pick me:  I am a person that helps someone who is in need for fairy quests and dungeons. I usually help them with no hesitation as long as I’m free. I work well in a team and it shows that I am capable of communicating efficiently with my teammates in order to achieve our objectives.

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IGN: Planky
Clan:  EAGLE
Level: 103
Class: Wu Shih
Server: New Moon

Bio: I started playing perfect world PH in 2010 when I was in High school What I like in Perfect world the graphics and the environment and the People. My best accomplishment is helping my colleague when they’re a new player I played Cabal Ran and other PW private servers but still, perfect World PH is the best for me. I highly recommend this game to my friends, family, and to the rest of the world because of the graphics Environment and so much fun in this PW ph server.

Why you should pick me:  What makes me unique? Is that I’m an introvert in real life but Extrovert inGame. Because of this game, I meet different kinds of people meet new friends in-game and in real life.. 😂

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