Congratulations to SirMack of Maharlika Clan from Sun Server, our January Hero of the month!

IGN: SirMack
Clan: Makarlika
Class: Ye Ying
Server: Sun 

Bio: I started playing Perfect world way back 2013 when I am still working as a classroom teacher in a private school here in our hometown. But unfortunately, I was not able to continue since I have to focus on my career to become an efficient and competent teacher. After 6 years, i noticed the game transformed a lot and way better than before. So the curiosity sink in and i downloaded the patch recommended by my cousin and now i’m having a great time playing it. Perfect World online game really fits my character and personality. The game is very unique, different characters were amazingly created with varied awesome skills, and talents. Different fashion styles was evident, challenging quests from simple to complex tasks, different caves and dungeons to explore and discover. It is very addictive in a good way, interactive, collaborative efforts among pw gamers to accomplish certain quests. Playing this game will develop our attitudes to persevere, to be patient, to be proactive, to be a good leader and a follower. Engaging ourselves with other gamers would lead us in gaining their trust and be confident enough to play with them with camaraderie and teamwork. Sharing good stuff with new friends, participating in various events with your clanmates full of fun, excitement and having happy moments together. Achieving success with them is a great accomplishment. Helping lowbies to surpass difficult quests, sharing of items and making it easier for us to gather necessary items. Teamwork is the key to achieve greater success! The Perfect World PH is the best online game i have ever played. The game itself is a work of art and it is brilliantly created to give us a full packed amazing gaming experience. To the online gamers, I would like to recommend this game to everyone who wants to discover, develop, enhance their skills and talents and the most important is your ATTITUDE towards the game. Without a good attitude, you will not be able to accomplish your quests/goals with fun, enjoyment, and satisfaction. Showing your passion in whatever you do will lead u to a higher level of Success! Just do it with passion, play with a happy heart, learn, unlearn and relearn new things you will a better gamer and better person.

Why you should pick me: Being a Hero of a Month is a great opportunity and a responsibility to be a good example to other players and aspiring gamers. I may not be the best player nor having such powerful items and hero but all I can share is to be WHO WE ARE. Just be a better version of yourself, play with good mind, good heart, and good attitude towards other players even they showed unnecessary behaviors, just focus on what you can do, what you can offer to your clanmates, and what you are good so that you will earn their respect, earn their trusts and gain more friends and of course develop your character as a person not just in the game but as to the Real World.