Hero of the Month July 2022

Aug 3, 2022 | Events, News


In-Game Name: `CoB`
Clan: Arkhos
Level: 105
Class: Yu Mang
Server: Sun

Arvin Catan- Macho-Swabeng Barista ng Cavite

Unforgettable Perfect World Moment:
Skies would be the limit if I would enumerate my most unforgettable moments with this game. But what struck me the most I think as the “most” unforgettable part is when I found the purest, convivial & genuine friendship with my clanmates in Arkhos. The camaraderie, the brotherhood, and the unity that we have despite all the setbacks in the game made me appreciate all these moments even more. Who would expect, that from being an introvert by nature, I would become an outgoing and affectionate person. Special mention to my Team B, (BeebaMax) for sharing the greatest and “dugyot” moments with me, I’m just so glad that the whole community made my gaming experience extra- special!

Why you should pick me:
I strongly believe that I should be the winner of this month’s “Hero of the Month” because my dedication and passion for promoting camaraderie and unity amongst us in the Perfect World community are impeccable. Being the role model, an epitome of a kind-hearted soul who would always help the weak and needy in the game are the values that a “Hero of the Month” must-have.

Message to voters:
If given the opportunity to hold the title for this month, I will only ensure you 1 thing, through thick and thin, till dusk to dawn, to fin and new beginnings, your number 2 Yu Mang, Cobra, ang Macho Swabeng Barista ng Cavite, will always here at your service.

Motto or life lesson:
      Yung nagtimpla ako ng kape pero ako ang sumarap. :)))