Hidden Treasures

Jan 22, 2021 | Item Mall, Notice

Hidden Treasures

(Hindi na ngayon!)Available until February 01, 2021, 8:00 AM only.

1. Mysterious Merchant

This NPC has a 70% chance of appearing when completing Uncharted Paradise in Deicide Mode or Dawnlight Temple in Deicide or Judgment Mode.
He will appear inside the dungeon, allowing the party to purchase items from him in exchange for gold or Silver Coins.
The type of items offered is typically Dragonbreath Weapon materials, Homestead Farm resource, or Glyph Packs.
Items sold are random and limited.
2. Hidden Luck Pouch

Can be acquired by Accessing Growth Goal>System Introduction >Up Coming > Go To

Top Up on your account to be Eligible for the Luck Pouch: Orchid

Luck Pouch: Orchid Contains an Earthbound Martial Spirit which contains grade 13 weapon for your class.

Pink Title: Player No.1

Atk,Matk,Def,Mdef +10

And Luck Pouch: Flower requires 6 Perfect Hammer to open which contains:
Health Stone (30D)
While this is in your inventory, you may enable the Auto-Potion
functionality by clicking the H key or the Heart icon next to your
character window. When enabled, you will automatically use your
consumables when falling below a specified percent in health or mana.

Storm Teleport Stone (30D)
Can be used to teleport to any unlocked portal in Perfect World.
Right click to use in non-combat status.

Black ‘Player No. 1’ Title

Atk,Matk,Def,Mdef,Hit +10

Luck Pouch: Bouquetrequires 799 Perfect Hammer to open which contains:
Grade 16 God of War weapon of choice