Holy Week Special

Mar 29, 2021 | Item Mall

Here’s the Perfect blessing this Holy Week for a higher chance of getting your ideal character stats.

Duration: March 28, 2021 (12 AM) – March 31, 2021 (11:59 PM)

For every 100 Gold worth of Item Mall Purchase, you’ll get 10 War Avatar Essense.
Alternative site where you can buy PlayPark pins smoothly: http://bit.ly/PlayParkPinsOffgamers (until supplies lasts)


For every 1000 Gold worth of purchase, you’ll get 20 pcs Nebula Dust Orb + 1 raffle stub for a chance to win a
Brand-New KRAKEN PRO V2 BLACK from Razer Gold!

Additional Raffle(per server):
2750 Ringstar: Song, 650 Ringstar: Slash 110 Ringstar: Slay + 1 Matchless Wing + 15 pcs Ringsta Weave: Doom

Use those materials at Kartrina Starblaze to recast your manteau to the next level:

AND! As a bonus for the “Holy Month”, for those who reached 20,000 Gold and above worth of purchase, you will receive your very own Gigantic Moby the Whale Mount.
(This pet is tradable. Once only per account)


Player 1 purchases 10 Nebular Dust Orb worth 500 Gold. He/she will receive 50 War Avatar Essense.

Player 2 purchases 1 War Avatar Treasure Box worth 50 Gold. The player will NOT receive any item because he/she didn’t meet the criteria for the reward.

Player 3 purchases 100 War Avatar Essence (500 Gold) and 20 Lucky Box (500Gold), with a total of 1,000 Gold purchase. The player will receive 100 War Avatar Essense + 20 pcs Nebula Dust Orb + 1 raffle stub.

Player 4, with a total purchase of 20,000 Gold, the player will receive 2000 War Avatar Essense + 400 pcs Nebula Dust Orb + 20 raffle stub + Gigantic Moby the Whale Mount.