Duration: Every Friday of September 2020


  1. From your homestead setting “allow strangers to Enter Homestead”.
  2. The items to be bought will be shuffled every Thursday at 5 PM on CM Playtime.
  3. Make sure to put your item with price 3,000,000 and Qty 1 in contract before the server time event
    Sun 5:00 – 5:30 PM
    New Moon 5:30 – 6:00 PM
  4. The GM will buy one item per character only only
  5. The initial list from opening the Contractor Ledger will not be refreshed once opened at 5 PM Sun and 5:30 PM New Moon.

September 04 Items:

Deco.: Crane Pond Relief Cons Splendid Square Pavilion Furn.: Mica Screen Couch Craft: Sacred Seal Lantern


September 11 Items:

Deco.: Crimson Crystal Glass Set Cons.: Spring Dew Brewery Furn.: Black Flax Sofa Set Craft: Stone Bridge


September 18 Items:

Deco.: Engraved Canary Cag
Deco.: Drama Gourd
Cons.: Bronze Pumpkin Fence Furn.: Roma Walnut Wardrobe Craft: Perilous Peak Miniscape

September 25 Items:

3m Deco.: Skylark Wine Holder
Deco.: Earl Rose China Cup
Cons.: Floral Iron Gate Furn.: Redwood Chair Set Craft: Copper Lamp
20m Shining Temple Painting Jade Gate Oak Engraved Canopy Bed Wise Tortoise



3m Yuan for all contracts on selected items.

9/25 Last Day Bonus: 20m yuan on Selected level 10 HS item

How to get Designgraphs:

– Enter your homestead press “Q” on the upper left of your screen.
– Press the “Delivery” Tab
– Your homestead should be level 16 to be able to Accept professional quests.
– Depending on the Item that you collected from the quest you will kill a corresponding Elementalist

Elementalist Locations on World Map
Gilded Metal Elementalist — 690, 493
Gigantic Wood Elementalist — 363, 894
Flooding Water Elementalist — 470, 285
Blazing Fire Elementalist — 131, 782
Earth Elementalist — 130, 415

-Once your team has defeated the Elementalist you can now harvest the mineral for your quest.