Immortal Clan Aid

May 9, 2021 | Events, News

Bond with the Immortals while finishing up your quests!

Whole Month of May 2021.

  • If your clan is in need of Assistance, register HERE

– Every Friday on the CM Playtime Livestream, we’ll be picking [6] Six Clans to help over the week.
– Two clans will be on the Waiting list just in case the Clan does not comply with the requirement of 30 active members.
– The clan must have 30 Active members on the day the moderator joins the guild.
– Incase the Clan is full, the Master is required to submit a screenshot of their Clan Window with the game Calendar open to their Supporting moderator.
– If there are less than 30 members the Moderators will move on to the next listed Clan.
– A clan can only be scheduled once, to give chance to others.
– The Moderator will not exceed 5hrs in helping a clan.
– The Moderator will help in quests (Trial Included maximum of 3 Trials only).
– Any form of hunting is prohibited
– Any Clan Master / Moderator found abusing this event will be permanently banned


Week1: (From the Clan Data)

EAGLE – New Moon – (Inactive)
FideIis – New Moon (Opted Out)
Pantheon – Sun (Opted Out)
Sentinel – New Moon – Elie
Rebellion – New Moon – Faye
Quickiess – Sun (Less than 30 Members)
VeroVeren – New Moon – (Less than 30 Members)
Seraphims – Sun (Opted Out)
Assailant – New Moon – (Less than 30 Members)
Deathrow – Sun – Haru
Dynasty – Sun (Less than 30 Members)
Insignia – Sun Roxi
Hyperion Sun -(Less than 30 Members)

(5/7 Clan Shuffle Stream Link)

5/19 Moderator Clan Assignment based on list

Iam New Moon - (Opted Out)
DeathRow New Moon - Kira
KDMY Sun - Faye
Arkhos Sun - Roxi
Japan Sun- (Opted Out)
Reserve in order: (Moderators will join only if the above clan finishes before the next list)

SPARTANS New Moon Elie
LEGACY New Moon Haru
Olympians New Moon (Less than 30 Members)
NewSeeds New Moon (Less than 30 Members)

(New List will be up on May 21, 2021 after CM Playtime).