Available now Frozen Karma lucky box. It will be in our Item Mall starting today until January 21, 2019 (8:00AM)!

New Items that you can get in Frozen Karma lucky Box.

Dustfall Relic – Can be used to upgrade R8r items to R8rr.

Jaden Crystal – Can be used to craft G17 Necklace and Ornament.

4 items can crafted using Jaden Crystal.

Also get a chance to win the rare Frostmane War Ape Mount.

But wait there’s more! We have another lucky box this January Item Mall Update.

Available now Crest of Sochi lucky box. It will be in our Item Mall starting today until January 21, 2019 (8:00AM)!

This lucky box has the highest chance to get ☆☆☆Ascension Crown and ☆☆☆Soaring Wing.

Get the rare fashion White and Black Emperor Set and Squirrel Maiden Set.

Also get get a chance to win the rare Five Color Deer Mount.

Our Fashion of the Month Boardwalk and Sweetheart Set.

Our fashion of the week – Biker Set

New War Avatar Items!

War Avatar Treasure Box – Get a random War Avatar Cards.

Introductory Price 60% off starting today until January 21, 2019 (8:00AM) only!

War Avatar Essence – Used to craft a specific type of War Avatar Chest.

New Homestead Items.

Yellow Lantern of Spring – 100 Gold

Yellow Lantern of Luck – 100 Gold

Elegant Chinese Knot – 100 Gold

Firecracker of Joy – 250 Gold

Firecracker of Luck – 250 Gold

Spring Lantern – 250 Gold

Grand Fireworkd – 500 Gold

Golden Lantern – 1000 Gold

Lotus Lantern – 1000 Gold

Flower Lantern – 1000 Gold

Red Lanterns – 1500 Gold

New Homestead Item – Professional Trophy Chest

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