The Workaholics Platinum Pack is available now for 25 Gold.
It will be in our Item Mall until July 12, 2021 (8:00 AM)
This new box gives you a chance to gain Platinum Amulet/Heirogram, Vintage Rogue Fashion, And Celestial Lion Mount!

Wind Dance Wing Ticket



Vintage Rogue Fashion (F)(M)

Celestial Lion Mount

The Penglai King War Avatars

Get a random War Avatar from the “Six Candleflame Sovereigns”.

Aohe, the Dark Emperor
Gorath, the Worldrender
Chigo, the Serpent Emperor
Mistress of Endless Night
Ghost Wing
Locen, the Emperor of Flame


The Misty City Avatar chest

Get a random War Avatar from the “Misty City set”.

Pestilent Destroyer
Obscure Reaper
Snakefist Guardian
Cannonfist Orclord
Shadowskull Lich
The Incacerate



Acoustic Media
The media that contains divine acoustic. Divine power is spinning in it.
The important material for ringAcoustic Engraving. Can be used at
Royal Knight Hector in Neverfall.

Dull Zenith Skull Shard Pack
Contains a Dull Zenith Shard used to craft Dull Zenith Skull, a material for Dragonbreath G17 Weapon.

Dull Draconic Essence
A dull orb of energy that can be refined into a Dragonbreath material.

Divine Scroll
Can be exchanged for Divine Inscriptions.
Take this to the Perfect Trade Official
in order to trade for a Divine Inscription.

★★Matchless Wings

Transcendence Orb
This item can be used at White Emperor Jade Snowder to upgrade the rings
Hand of Heaven Dominion or Hand of the Skystriker to Catastrophic and Cataclysmic
Heaven Dominion or Skystriker respectively.


New Items:


White Dragon 200
Polar Bear 200
Leopard 200
Reindeer 200
Sika Deer 280
Christmas Reindeer 280
Oblivion Wolf 350
Giant Python 350
Gust Shoes 80
Billow Boots 70



Tribal Shaman’sHeaddress 80
Mystic Tattoos and Wrap 90
Shaman’s Sash and Leggings 20
Shaman’s Decorated Heels 20
Death Metal Baseball Cap 50
Silvery Jacket and Bling 70
Acid-Etched Design Slacks 50
Silver Star Gloves 20
High-Cut Rubber Shoes 20