Manual Patch

Jun 21, 2022 | News

Manual Patch is only applicable for the 360 client version.

Download the Manual Patch here

Download the pkx and cup files
Option 1:
846 MB 365 pkx
2 GB cup

Option 2:
846 MB 365 pkx
2 GB cup

Note: Create a backup of your PW Client

How to install

1. Open you Perfect World Client as Normal, click Patch File


2. Click “Patch” button and locate the file ec_patch_360-365

Note: ec_patch_360-365.cup and ec_patch_360-365.pkx should be in the same folder.

3. Wait for the update files to finish.

4. Click OK after the update

5. Your client is now updated (version 365) and ready for PW Monkey King, The Game client will only run after the Maintenance on June 22, 2022

See you inside the game Heroes!