Q: Why my account is banned?

  • If your account is blocked, a temporary “24-hour account ban” is in place to process your migration request.

Q: Why should I link my “old” MyLU ID to a “New” Perfect World Playpark ID?

  •    To enjoy Playpark ID perks like one-stop game management of all your Playpark Game Accounts.
  •    Best news of all is you’ll be able to migrate your MyLU Perfect World items into Playpark Perfect World.

Q: I have already a Playpark Perfect World ID. Can I use this account for the linking?

  • Yes, you can use any PlayPark ID account for linking as long as it is not used for migration.

Q: I forgot the password of my old Perfect World account in MYLU. Is there any possible way to retrieve it?

  • We will not entertain any account retrieval concern.
  • Account information together with the database of the previous worlds has been wiped out. That is why we previously announced that you need to secure your accounts before the official closure of servers.

Q: Do I need to prepare anything else other than creating a “New” Playpark Perfect Word ID?

Excellent question! Here is the most important requirement you need to accomplish before you link your “Old” MyLU ID to the “New” Playpark ID.

  •    You need to create a character in the account for every character you want to migrate in the New Moon Server.

Ex. You have 3 characters that you want to migrate. You need to create 3 characters who will be receiving the migrated items.

  •    Make certain that class and gender of your Play ID characters are the same as the MyLU characters. The character names, on the other hand, does not need to be similar.

Q: Am I allowed to level up even though my items are still not intact with my account?

  • Yes, you are allowed to level it up. However, just make sure that there are no important items on your account since it will be replaced with the original items from your old character.

Q: I got a character on Sun, can I still login it during the 24-hour account ban?

  • No, account ban will be applied to both servers. Kindly wait 24 hours in able to access in both servers.

Q: What server will the migrated items be sent to?

  • All items will be sent to the NEW MOON Server.

Q: What are the items that will be migrated to the new Playpark Perfect World?

  • Items included:
  • Yuan
  • Bank Items
  • Equipment is worn by the Character
  • Item Inventory
  • War Avatar Cards
  • Not Included: Items in the Account Storage

When will we get the migrated items?

  •    Account linking will occur in batches; this means the first to apply for the linking process will be processed first.

When can I use the migrated items?

  •    You can use them as soon as it’s in your inventory. But for items that have requirements, you’ll have to meet the requirements before you can use it.

Q: May I know where my account is linked/tagged/migrated to?

  • No, all accounts should be secured. We cannot divulge such information to our players. We also cannot verify any MyLU account because it is already closed. You may still review the old announcements regarding to this matter on the link below:

Q: Can I link my “Old” MyLU characters to a lot of different “New” Playpark ID’s?

  •    Yes, you can link your MyLU characters to multiple Playpark ID’s.
  •    But note that once a character is linked to a Playpark ID you cannot link it to another Playpark ID. Be sure of what Playpark ID you will link per character.
  •    Here’s an example. This player has X amount of characters and he opted to link the characters to several Playpark IDs.

Q: Can I also transfer my level on MyLevelUp Perfect World to Playpark Perfect World?

  •    We can only migrate items. Character levels are not included in the migration process.

Q: How can I create a New Playpark Account?

Here are guides on how to create a new Playpark Account:

  •    Using Mobile, Youtube guide located HERE.
  •    Using Email, Youtube guide located HERE.

Q: I’m ready to link my “Old” MyLevelUp Account to “New” Playpark ID Account. How do I do it?

  •    Go HERE to apply for the Account Linking and Item Migration
  •    Go here for the step by step process if you want to learn more about it before you link your account.

Q: Until when can we apply for the Perfect World ID Linking and Item Migration?

  •    We’ll accept applications until September  21, 2019

*Note: Date has been changed to an earlier date to finalize the migration process.

Q: Auto-close bank, how to fix this?

  • You need to level it up until level 31 to be able to access it.

Q: What should I do if the Linking failed?

  •    As long as you follow the instructions there shouldn’t be any problems. But if you do encounter an issue please send the case details through your Help Desk Account.


For more information please drop by our Facebook page for updates or talk to us in the official Facebook Group.

Steps on how to link your account

  1. Go to the Perfect World Website
  2. Click the login PlayID Button and Login your “New” Play ID Perfect World Account
  3. Then Login you’re My Level Up! Perfect World Account
  4. Here comes the Character linking part. Choose which character will be migrated to which character.
    • Option 1 Dropdown: Contains your My LU Characters
    • Option 2 Dropdown: Contains your Playpark Characters
    • Reminders to avoid linking failure.
      1. You can only link one character at a time.
      2. Both characters must have the same class.
  • Secure your account. Characters already linked will be denied.
  1. Click the “LINK NOW!” Button and wait for the “SUCCESS!” pop-up message and you are done.


  • Secure you’re My Level Up! Account and PlayID account. Linked Characters cannot be linked to another PlayID account.
  • Don’t forget to create a character with the same class as the character you want to migrate in the New Moon Server before starting the process. Otherwise, you won’t be able to see the New Moon Character in the Option 2 Dropdown.
  • All characters made at My Level Up! Servers (Chimera and Phoenix) can only be linked to Playpark Perfect World New Moon Server.

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