Nagmahal ng isang buwan, nasaktan ng dalawang linggo, lumaban at nanakop.”

This event is for Phoenix Server Only

Event Mechanics

Nagmahal: Sept 28 – Nov 2
• In this phase, clans should conquer at least 2 minor territories and 1 major territory.
• During this phase clans are not allowed to attack any Major Territory that are already occupied by another clan or they will be disqualified.

Nasaktan: Nov 3 – Nov 16
• Only clans who have occupied at least 2 minor territories and 1 major territory are eligible to join this phase.
• Clans are now allowed to attack occupied territories.
• Clans who have been disqualified or did not join during Nagmahal phase can still attack but are not eligible to win the event.
• In the last day of this phase, Clans should have at least of 4 territories (3 minor + 1 major).

Nanakop: Nov 17 – Nov 30
• Only clans who have acquired at least 4 Territories (3 minor + 1 major) are eligible to proceed to this phase.
• During this two week phase, all remaining participating clans should successfully DEFEND their territories that they have during the Nasaktan Phase.
• If a clan fails to defend even a single land during this phase, they automatically forfeit their chance at winning the entire event.

Clans who successfully defended their territories during the Nanakop Phase will be declared as winner/s.

Major Territories
Sky City
Beast City
Feather City
Dream Port
Wave City
Vale City
Sword City
Universal City
Dragon City



1. Can we have 2 minor and 2 major territories? Yes, because your Clan should have AT LEAST 2 minor and 1 major territory.

2. Can we have 3 minor and 1 major territory? Yes, because your Clan should have AT LEAST 2 minor and 1 major territory.


1. In the last day of the event, can we have 4 minor territories and 2 major territories? Yes, but you need to defend it all during the Nanakop Phase.


1. Can we still occupy other territory? Yes

2. If we occupied a territory, do we need to defend them? No, only the territories that you occupied during the Nasaktan Phase are the ones your clan should defend.

3. Our territories are Dragon Land, Fire Village, Lili Prairie and Beast City. Dragon Land was conquered in the last day of Nanakop Phase. Are we going to win? No, because your clan failed to defend Dragon Land during this phase, your Clan automatically forfeits the chance at winning the entire event.

Event Prize
50,000 Fame will be awarded to ten (5) clan members with at least 40,000 Merits.
+1 Level boost will be awarded to five (5) clan members with at least 40,000 Merits.
5 Blue-Sea Dragon Balls (1-10 Safe upgrading)
5,000 Immortal Stones
250 Sigil Sharp Blade
500 Token of the Defender
5 Xia Feng Command Swords
2 Honor and Glory Badge

Event Rules
• All Clans are eligible to join event.
• PW Administration Team’s Decision is final.
• To ensure the smooth proceeding of the event, if players were to disrupt to proceeding on an event, punishment will be dealt out in accordance to our abuse policy.
• Playpark reserved the right to amend or change of the event mechanism without prior notice.